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So what's going to happen to the Experience


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Any news on a new location or just BS


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Quote (starbase63 @ Sep. 15 2008, 3:56 pm)
Quote (Athaena28 @ Sep. 12 2008, 2:48 pm)
Star Trek: The Experience Vegas Return Rumored

And Freemont Street is very easy to reach (and cheap) if you take The Deuce busses...not to mention an air conditioned ride, rather than the walk to the Hilton from the Strip.

I'd love to see one of the other casino/resorts pick up the Experience, like Planet Hollywood. That one should be a no brainer, unless PH is affiliated with one of the other studios...


I would love to see them go to the monte carlo. Because there is a pub in there. That sells a 5 are a 3 liter beer. So you can down a 5 liter then go have a warp core, borg sphere, and james t kirk right after. :)


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Hello All,

I can not hold it in any longer........In Star Trek, there is always life after death.  Look for the new Mecca for all Star Trek fans to rise from the grave, the Genesis effect!!!!!

More to come when I can.


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Standby for news.


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*inserts a Mr. Scott phrase*

"We can't hang on much longer Captain !!!!!!"

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