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USS Venerable NCC-81223


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Report this Aug. 11 2008, 6:46 pm

Stardate: 62832.109

The conflict between the Federation and the H'nahir has been ongoing since early 2384. There were times where defeat was likely for both sides but now, backed by confirmed intelligence, the H'nahir are starting to clutch at short straws. Starfleet is preparing several strategic strikes over the comming 12 months which if done correctly and not rushed should push the victory into our hands.

The first of these strikes, code named Building Blocks, will be a
single ship strike on a recently discovered fighter and small ship
construction facility on the edge of their terratory. The USS
Venerable, a Prometheus class starship, under the command of Captain Jason Matthews has been chosen to make the first move.

End of Brief
USS Venerable NCC-81223

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