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Epsilon Force - Now Celebrating Two Years of Excellence!


Epsilon Force (EF) was founded on September 28th, 2008 by a group of writers who
wanted a Simming experience which encompasses freedom in creative writing, fresh
and new ideas, graphics and development of our favorite genre, Star Trek. All
members of EF can enjoy an easy going, fun atmosphere to create characters, of
varying race(s) and cultures(s) to expanding the horizon of the Star Trek world online
within our Sims. Now celebrating two years in existence, Epsilon Force still
lives up to its founding values of providing a high quality simming experience.

Each Commanding Officer has the ability to build their site that is true to their vision. And the Fleet Staff, and Advisory Committee is always here to help in anyway to achieve your dream and bring it to reality. We are growing daily in both simms and characters, thanks to the writers behind them. We have a myriad of simms to choose from and there is a spot for anyone who wants a high quality simming experience.

We believe in well-developed characters and continue to strive for character development, not only for their character, but also for others they play the game with. When someone joins EF we hope they take time and build a well-rounded character for their application which will become their biography so others may interact with you better. Make that character interesting, perhaps a few quirks would make diversity or change more believable to those who read your biography and postings on the simm in which you belong.

We believe that any characters, or images which are used and/or created for EF belongs to the creator of that work. When someone leaves EF and if requested to the fleet staff your graphics will be removed. Otherwise they will continue to be used by EF. 

All copyrighted material used on EF should have prior permission from the creator before using. COs are asked to place recognition to that creator if using someone’s work on your simm. This is done out of respect for the creator of said work and is the decent thing to do. Any problems regarding this issue should be taken up with Admiral Koolah, our Commander in Chief or Vice Admiral Deveniss, our Deputy Commander in Chief

So what are you waiting for? Join Epsilon Force and discover races and worlds until now you’ve only dreamt about. Join us on a wonderful adventure in space, seeing strange new things, new worlds and species, while having fun doing it. Create them now!

Epsilon Force, Join us at:


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USS Vigilant, Theta Fleet


The USS Vigilant is under the command of Captain Alexander Reeder, the Vigilant resides in Theta Fleet exploring the vast unknowns of space as well as protecting others from off world threats. We have many positions open and we look forward to seeing you.


Starbase Arcadia, Theta Fleet


Starbase Arcadia is a brand new starbase built in the Archanis IV sector. She was placed there to provide support to the numerous Federation starships that frequent the area as well as keep an eye on pirate activity and the neutral zone.

Captain Alexander Reeder Commanding Officer USS Vigilant Captain Victor Hoffman Commanding Officer Starbase Arcadia


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Sitara Fleet


Fleet Admiral Lizzy Talor is returning to the Star Trek scene with this newly forming fleet!  We plan on "officially" launching on July 1, 2011.  She takes place in the year 2409 to match the STO timeline.  We are open to anyone who wants to start a simm, bring a already formed one in or join a crew.  Our age raitings range from 13+ to 18+ depending on the simm.

In the depths of space, there lies a darkness which shelters the forgotten souls of those who once lived lives of prosperity. Their lands were rich, with the fruits of their labor displayed beautifully throughout their villages. Their children ran around, happily playing and growing up to be fine citizens, taking on the roles of their fathers and mothers. They were peaceful beings, and were more than happy to share their prosperity with others who came to ask.

Those souls one day became tainted with fear and despair by those who would bring upon them evil deeds. They invaded their lands, showering the forgotten ones in rays of fire, burning down their homes. They invaded, raping the forgotten ones of their land, and their dignity. The forgotten souls had no choice but to leave and find another world to call their own.

They have lived deep underground, in the darkness of space. Fearing that those who brought upon them such despair would come again to find them. And praying that someone would come along to avenge them.

A light shines in the distance. And something is coming their way. They lie in fear, not knowing what it is that hovers over their heads. They can barely make out through a primitive telescope the name on the ship's bow... The radiant light of the stars... Should they flee? Or should they wait out and see what becomes of the light in the sky? Will it bring death, or salvation?

Thanks for your interest!

Alt Lexington

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UNITED FEDERATION STARFLEET (U.F.S.) is a group of nearly 7 hundred people mostly in the SECOND LIFE Virtual Internet World but also on OPEN SIM, 3RD ROCK, and many other places including its very own Star Trek Virtual World called UFSGRID.

U.F.S. also has a very active forum.

This group is a Star Trek role play group where you can join as an Academy Cadet then from there work your way up the ranks.

The best place to join is at the SECOND LIFE region called SECTOR 001, just create a Second Life Avatar if you dont already have one and then once logged into Second Life you can then Teleport to SECTOR 001 where you can find people who are more than willing to answer questions and help you join up if you wish.

I dont need to post any links because your Web Browsers Search should easily find the SECOND LIFE web site, from there the instructions to create an Avatar and Download the SECOND LIFE program and Log In are easy. Once Logged In to Second Life there is a short tutorial to help you function in this virtual world after which you should be able to easily figure out how to TELEPORT to various regions including SECTOR 001.

I am a Lt(jg) in U.F.S. serving as an Engineer on a Starship and joining U.F.S. was the best choice i as a Star Trek fan could ever have made. My new family started the day i joined UNITED FEDERATION STARFLEET (U.F.S.) and i have never looked back.

Happy Star Treking to you all.

In Service,

Lieutenant Junior Grade - Alt Lexington - Engineer.


Storm Windfall

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Quote: NEligahn @ Aug. 15 2010, 7:44 pm




>        Lotus Fleet is a Star Trek Online / Role-playing Federation Fleet. What Lotus Fleet intends to accomplish is maintaining a Starfleet structured military ranking system, while not taking members for granted, as it is the members that allow any Fleet to exist and succeed both within Star Trek Online and outside. With that said, it is our goal to offer as much Web content that we can by offering Role Play to members that allow fans to assume ranks ranging from Ensign to Captain.

>       We also allow members to go from Cadet in the Academy through the enlisted ranks found in Lotus Fleet Task Forces and all the way to Captain in one of Lotus Fleet’s Flag Divisions. Positions above the rank of Captain are available but only to those that are the most dedicated and truly feel that they can make a difference for our members.

>       If you are not familiar with the MMO type of game play, Lotus Fleet is designed to offer a robust and scalable Starfleet Academy that will help new Star Trek fans become familiar with both in game content and the Star Trek Universe as whole while allowing the seasoned Star Trek Fan the ability to reminisce upon what has made Star Trek so great in everyone's mind.

>         Our Academy Staff has dedicated many combined years to all things Trek and are more than pleased to bestow that knowledge on new members of the Fleet. The term "Fleet" is in fact equivalent to what you might call a "Guild" that you might find in WOW, SWG or COH. That means that should you decide to become member of Lotus Fleet, not only will you have the honor of attending Starfleet Academy, but you will also have the support and dedication that can only come with a group of dedicated members that all share the same goal of living out their dream of being a Starfleet Officer and exploring the great unknowns that the universe has to offer.

>       Upon graduation from the Academy, new fleet members will embark on a journey that will continue to develop and support the idea of member based Fleet support and allow dedicated members that want to see Lotus Fleet become one of the most elite and fun Fleets that they can be proud of.

>        Lotus Fleet would also like to offer an extended invitation to all service members wherever you might be. Whether you will have the ability to play STO or not, you will always have a welcome home here and we would still like to offer a little piece of home and show our appreciation for what you do.

>Join Us at or contact me at for more information.


Captain Storm Windfall Fleet Relations Officer Lotus Fleet


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I haven't found a RPG I could join on this site, so I made my own! Please check it out, this is the link:

"Life forms, you tiny litle life forms, you precious little life forms, where are you?" -Data, Generations


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The Zulu Sector is an area of space in the Gamma Quadrant that is home to dozens of species. It's a densely populated area that remains largely unexplored by the Federation. This is about to change. The 2nd Expeditionary Fleet, commanded by Admiral Teron Gav of Trill has been assigned to explore the region and set up a base of operations. The Chara Confederacy, led by the Allixi are wary of the Federation's presence. One of the member races however, the outgoing Arielians have allowed Starfleet to set up an outpost in their area of space. A nomadic group of traders lacking the powerful ships of their Chara brethren, they have much to gain from a strong Starfleet presence in the area.

In addition to the Allixi and the Arielians, there are dozens of other races in the sector, many of them pre warp. Starfleet's mandate here is to explore, and establish good relations with the Chara Confederacy and the other unaligned people in the region.


Interested? Interested in running a sim in a stress free simming environment? Check us out!

or you can hit me up at

AIM - swagger456

Thanks for reading! Hope to write with you soon!


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Zayin Fleet is a new fleet based in the TOS Movie Era. We are all expierienced writers and simmers that enjoy having fun!!!

We have four ships that need crew members as well as positions available at Zayin Fleet.

We promote detailed characters and detailed missions that keep the players guessing.

We do have basic rules and we do believe in respect for all. Our fleet was created by those who grew bored with too many rules and minimal site activity. We want fun and want to immerse ourselves and others into the Star Trek Universe.

So please feel free to join us!!!


Damn pink skins!

Kathryn Burke

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Theta Fleet is a text-based cooperative roleplaying game set in the canon Star Trek universe.  We focus on writing good plot and character development stories.  We welcome writers from all walks of life who love Trek and want a friendly place to sim.

The fleet sims primarily in 2388.  However, we have a task force in 2304 and sims in other timelines and welcome all who enjoy developing characters and writing cooperative stories.  There are lots of opportunities for players and characters alike.  Check us out at

Kathryn Burke Commander, Theta Fleet


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I want to play an inovative game with people who like to use there imagination. I created USS Blackstorm for that purpose. It is a brand new board with an unexplred ship. Looking for a full crew compliment.

It takes shortly after the Starship Voyager returned to our Galaxy.

If you are interested check out USS Blackstorm and post


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Come Join Captain Archer and the rest of the crew on the USS Enterprise on her voyage through space! Making contact with new species and exploring unexplored space!! Come check us out! The only Rule is you must have FUN!

Lillith Nosche

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Peasus Fleet

Starfleet's Eleventh Fleet has a brave history behind it. During the Dominion War, it reinforced the Fifth Fleet along the Vulcan border prior to Operation Return, and was thereafter responsible for the protection of Benzar, the homeworld of a key member of the Federation. Unfortunately, therein lay the fleet's destruction, as the Dominion sent a strike force there with superior numbers after sending a decoy in the direction of Alpha Centauri. The Eleventh Fleet was overwhelmed and destroyed before reinforcements in the form of the Fourteenth Fleet could arrive. The Fourteenth Fleet itself lost almost 100 ships in the engagement which followed, and was forced to leave Benzar in the hands of the Dominion, to be re-captured later by the Romulans when they entered the war.

With the end of the war came Starfleet's push to get back to its core goals - exploration and peaceful expansion of the Federation. With so many ships lost, they began to merge the remainders of fleets together, growing the numbers of each individual fleet remaining active, but being forced to either focus their goals in small areas, or spread a fleet out thinly across large areas, where previously up to three fleets patrolled. Eventually, however, lost ships began to be replaced with new ones, and were crewed by higher numbers of entrants to Starfleet Academy than had been seen in most flag officers' lifetimes, and it became possible for Starfleet to once again expand it's organisational structure.

In 2386, with a promotion to Vice Admiral, Roman Sanchez was given the task of reconstituting the Eleventh Fleet, which had remained on the inactive rosters since 2374 and the Battle of Benzar. A former Captain from within the Eleventh Fleet, promoted elsewhere before the ill-fated battle, Sanchez was instructed to gather captains both from the shipyards and from other fleets. Most of the ships Sanchez chose to become a part of the reformed fleet, nicknamed 'Pegasus' after the Admiral's well-known style in battle, were captained by freshly-promoted officers, though a number of ships were also donated to the fleet by other Admirals, and there were a number of transferring commanders joining the fleet too.

With the roster for his fleet coming together, he met with the Commander-in-Chief to discuss the fleet's operational patrol zone. The two Admirals decided to relieve the Fourth Fleet of its patrol zone in the galactic-south of Federation territory, allowing the fleet to pull its ships into a closer and more efficient operating area. Though this left the Eleventh Fleet with a significantly larger patrol zone than most other fleets, sharing borders with the Tholians, Klingons, Gorn, and Metron Consortium as well as guarding the forbidden planet of Talos IV, much of the territory, though claimed, was largely unexplored, the farthest reaches of which had only been visted once, by the USS Enterprise on its five-year mission. This left a strong, central 'core' which Admiral Sanchez could focus regular patrols, and plenty of opportunity to explore the farthest reaches of Federation territory and beyond with a central operations centre based at the Cestus III colony, which had grown significantly since being rebuilt after the Gorn-Metron incident involving the Enterprise.

Pegasus Fleet seeks to provide a positive, creative and challenging environment for members to write about the Star Trek universe, whilst being both safe and enjoyable for all.

We shall strive to provide an environment in keeping with Gene Roddenberry's vision - free of any form of discrimination or harassment, where members are encouraged to express originality, inventiveness, and to pursue and harness their full potential, exploring the farthest reaches of the Star Trek realm.

We shall aim to provide a fleet whose simulations speak of excellence in quality, whose members are held, and hold others, in the highest respect. Through an ever evolving system of governance, we shall provide support and resources to all members, and shall strive to be ambassadors to all others in the Star Trek community.

Above all else, we shall aim to let our imaginations take flight, and soar boldly where no one has gone before.

Currently, we have four ships awaiting academy completion before they can enter space. We also have five ships seeking CO's. However, if you want to join a well established ship, there are plenty to choose from!


If you're looking to play an even bigger part in the fleet, we have open command position (not many, so hurry!) and open positions within the individual departments. So come and check out Pegasus Fleet - we're waiting for you.


Commodore Lillith Nosche

Director of Fleet Recruitment

Pegasus Fleet

Pegasus Fleet banner


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Following Commodore Nosche's post, I am CO of the USS Amsterdam, a ship in the 11th fleet under the Pegasus Fleet. As one of the newest members of the Pegasus fleet, I am looking for a good crew. If you are interested please visit: and apply. I look forward to hearing from you. All positions except CO are available.


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IndependenceFleet.Com has been around for 9 years and many of you may know of them, but what most people dont know is that they added 4 new ships last month and all of them are bringing their own crew. It has really become THE place to visit if you want bring a friend or two and find a ship that you can work together. Everything in IDF always remains free and advertisement free which is nice considering my Facebook games spam me enough for one day. Their Admirals dont step on the Captains toes nor do they interfere with a game that stays within the Fleet rules, of which there are very few.

If your a fleet thats looking to fold into another one to conserve your resources, if your a ship thats tired of Yahoo! Groups and want more of an interface to add authenticity to your game, you should definately contact one of their Admirals.

If your a player who wants to find a ship thats a perfect match for you, you should contact them as well, because they will take the time to learn what you like and what you dont like. They know the Captains and the tones of the different SIMMs involved, so they can find you a match that works for you.

They also have Facebook pages for each ship and encourage the crew to become friends outside of your characters if your wanting to.




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Report this Jan. 20 2012, 12:21 am

United Confederation Fleet is newly formed.  The United Confederation Fleet is the operational exploratory and military authority of the Planetary alliance political alliance. It was formally formed in 2404 then reformed in 2412 and superseded the role of the Starfleetl Command which was a more loosely controlled body tasked with the same purpose.

The UCF, as it it is more commonly referred to, is a structured military styled organization with starships, facilities and personnel donated by it's member governments.

Operation of the UCF is overseen by the UCF Council which draws its members from each government that has signed into contributing and cooperating with the UCF. This council appoints a Commander in Chief who commands the organisation on a day to day basis.


We currently have 4 sims, 2 starships, a colony and a Risa (Rated 18+, but, not XXX) sim.  All are looking for crew.  With UCF your character is not limited to just the Federation, but, you can have them come from the military of any of the member governments!!!!


Check out and join today!!!

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