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Luna Fleet
Luna Fleet is a simming organization that is based in the year 2380. We are positioned mainly in the Alpha Quadrant, exploring and defending the ideas of the Federation.

But out of character, we are very democratic. We are governed by a Fleet Council which is made up our Command Staff, and also an elected member. (The first member shall be appointed by the Fleet Commanding Officer to a 6 month term, and then an election shall take place.)

Open Command Staff Positions:
Chief of Staff
Director of Personnel Management
Director of Research and Development
Academy Commandant
Task Force Commanding Officer
Judge Advocate General
*All deputy command staff positions are OPEN
Please email the FCO at if you would like to apply for any of these positions.

Open Commands
To get an up to date list of the open simulations please go to the following link:

Thank you,
Vice Admiral Virginia Southwick
Fleet Commanding Officer
Luna Fleet


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Dark Frontiers: Seventh Fleet.

We're a happy crew a family. We're the Seventh fleet. A happy band sent to the Gamma Quadrant to locate a power source to help bring the Federation back to power.

Now as we move into the future we have found new homes and new enemies. We tried to come in peace but ended up in war with many races. We have now found a semi stable future and that is what Seventh fleet is here to do. We're here to expand and protect. This is the home of the USS REPULSE charged with the protection of the United Federation Of Planets and exploration of the quadrant. We're a wild bunch, there are ex spys, ex naval men and one hell of a story to be told.I'm the Captain of the ship but im also the ringmaster of one crazy circus can you be the next member of our all singing all dancing troupe?
How about you sign up and try it out?

If you would like to take any of those posts head to and fill out an application form we are excepting CO's with crew ready or ships wishing to join us and also Crew for the flag ship.


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A Call To Duty

Think you've got what it takes to join Starfleet?

Then HEED THE CALL with Star Trek: A Call To Duty, the first online role-playing game ever endorsed by Paramount Digital Entertainment!

Played by hundreds of people worldwide, you start in the role of a Starfleet Cadet, graduate from the three-week Academy Training missions as an Ensign, and join the crew of any of our starships or stations in the ACTD Fleet. Your mission - to explore the far reaches of the galaxy, seek out new life and civilizations, and go where no one has gone before. But beware, danger and excitement is waiting for you at every turn!

Choose from any of the major departmental positions ¿ Science, Tactical, Medical, Engineering, Flight Control, Operations, Counselor ¿ and develop your character through chat-based, email-based or newsgroup-based role-playing. Each week you encounter a new challenge as you explore the universe and protect the Federation. As you progress through the Game, you may receive commendations for your actions, or perhaps even a promotion. Who knows, one day you might even make Captain¿.

Additional notes:

- ACTD was the only Star Trek sim game to be officially endorsed by Paramount Pictures.
- We offer three types of games, Chat/IRC based, Play By Email and Play by Bulletin Board.
- There are approximately 329 players across the three divisions


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Federation Sim Fleet

The Federation Sim Fleet, or FSF, is one of the oldest Sim groups on the internet. ¿With its roots going all the way back to 1993, the FSF has always been in the center of online simming.

With over 450 active players and a staff of over 40 game masters and admins, the FSF is sure to have a sim that interests you. ¿With games covering various genres, including Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, and Firefly, to name a few, we have games that most people will be able to fit into and enjoy. ¿Whether they are live chat games on AIM or IRC, play by e-mail games, or message board operated games, you'll have your pick of a game that is right for you.

Feel free to check us out at our website, linked above, at

If you have any questions, you can post them on our community message boards, or you may contact myself, FSF Josh, the FSF community director, either through AIM (FSFJosh) or by emailing me directly.

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Posted: June 27 2009, 1:50 pm  

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Posted: June 27 2009, 1:26 pm  

Calling for the removal of's Administrators and Moderators for mis-managing this website.  MEMBERS: copy and paste this thread and send it to CBS so we can get an unbiased, more professional staff running this site.  
Admin & Mod's refuse to answer any emails, p.m.'s, or threads questioning the recent banning/suspension of several long time members of  The Admins & Mod's will not tell these banned or suspended members how they violated the Terms of Service on, and how long their suspension will be in effect.  The recently suspended members cannot even ask Admin what their suspension was based on, because their p.m. priviledges were removed by Admin.  And don't even both emailing them at  They will not answer.  I believe they don't tell the banned/suspended members what they did wrong, because there WASN'T ANY VIOLATION COMMITTED.  Otherwise, why would Admin remain silent.
The Admin of have also recently banned several ISP numbers, which bans innocent people with that same ISP.  One public ISP number banned covers three separate states!.  That means that even guests who want to view the message boards here on the Star Trek XI movie are blocked.  I wonder what the Adverstisers on this site would think about that??
This is a travesity.  This is a dictatorship.  And this is totally unfair to the seasoned long time members of who kept this site active and fesh for many years, making more than 20,000 posts so the Advertisers would continue to pay CBS/Paramount.
If we, the members of do not get a more UNBIASED, professional acting staff running our beloved site, I will be taking a PETITION to the 2009 Star Trek Vegas Convention next month getting hundreds of fans to sign for the removal of the current Admin staff here.  I won't have any trouble getting signatures, as so many Star Trek fans have left this site years ago due to mis-management by Admin.
In closing, I know the UNPROFESSIONAL, dictatorship style Admin staff here will just delete this thread, and ban my ISP.  But I have about 20 different ISP's to come back and post this thread again and again until we get some answers!
What you can do to help:  Go to CBS.Com and post your complaint about in the television show feedback at the bottom of the page.  No email address or registration is required.  Post in every television show they have.  If they get enough complaints to forward to the Powers that Be, maybe something will be done.  
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Raptor Fleet Simulations

Raptor Fleet was once one of the best, well known and respected Star Trek RPG's, playing by forum and email. Raptor Fleet is back and is dedicated to providing the best simming experience possible.


In the aftermath of the brutal Dominion War, and the incident with the Remans and Shinzon on Romulus, Starfleet Command decided that a new, better-organized fleet was needed to defend the Federation against any threat, no matter where that threat might arise. Other Fleets had been created, but they had become complacent.

This new Fleet would remain vigilant, and it would seek out the enemies of the Federation and destroy them.

At the same time, Starfleet also knew that to abandon its other basic mission...the pursuit of science and exploration, would deprive the Federation of its most useful tools in the field of science - the ability to get people and equipment where they are needed. Raptor fleet was created to do these tasks... and more. It's command staff are experienced in dealing with hostile situations, but they also keep the ideals of the Federation in mind as they defend their worlds from danger.


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Task Force Gamma is a simming organization that branched out from the USS Hartington Simulation. We are currently three active ships, A Starfleet Academy Simulation to help teach new players the ropes and we are preparing to launch even more Simulations in the next few weeks.

The Task Force's primary storyline is currently in the year 2376, about a year after the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. For those of you who follow the Post Series Novels our story is a few weeks after the novel Unity.

We are also running a Simulation in the post-Enterprise era, during the Earth-Romulan War.

Plans are in place to launch even more Simulations in the coming weeks, including a TOS era ship patrolling the Gorn boarder.

We have a small but dedicated player base, so dedicated that they have donated their time and hard earned money to build up our sites to more professional levels.

We love what we do in Task Force Gamma, we're not about fleet politics or trying to be the biggest and best group out there. We just want to play our games in the settings we want to play them in... when the other fleets wouldn't take us (or even respond to our E-Mails...) we decided to go it alone.

If you're having any of the same issues, we'd be glad to pool our resources. We are always on the lookout for new players and Simulations to join our Task Force, all are welcome.

Our Task Force Staff is currently recruiting members including:

Task Force Recruitment Officer
Commandant, Starfleet Academy

Contact me at for more information or head over to our Task Force Website to join.

Your journey into the Final Frontier begins here!

USS Hartington Intro Video
USS Guardian Intro Video


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Star Trek Freedom, 11 years, 60 members, PBeM

Always looking for mature members, to join our community.


Star Trek ¿: Freedom


"Welcome to the 52nd Fleet... A division of Starfleet that has recently recovered from a civil war of attrition, waged between the dark, dictatorial forces of Admiral Doenitz and those fighting for the cause of honour, freedom and a life free of tyranny.

The sector of space that the 52nd fleet now inhabits is one filled with mysteries and danger. Every part of the 52nd fleet has been moved even further out by way of the Subspace River, to an area of space first defined and noticed by Starfleet Explorers because of a Subspace River Terminus that forms there, a mystery alone that calls for explanation.

The area of space itself is rugged, unknown and inviting. There is evidence of several peoples previously un-encountered, of resources in plenty and mysteries in the deep of space just crying out to be explored...

Listen closely, and you might hear the stirring blast of a bugle sounding off for Freedom."


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Alpha Fleet
The Future of the Federation Begins Here...

2379. The Alpha and Beta Quadrants were peaceful, prosperous places. Starfleet looked out into the unknowns and Alpha Fleet was formed with a mission of continued exploration and discovery. Peace, however, is fragile. Hidden evils arose to rear their heads once more and spread havoc across the United Federation of Planets.

The 'Shinzon Incident' threw the Romulan Empire into turmoil, bringing it to the brink of civil war and de-stabilising the entire region. Many a minor faction and criminal group saw their own opportunities in these events and as all eyes lay on the empire, the Liberation Consortium struck their own blow against a distracted Federation. The Trinity Virus came close to leaving Starfleet completely defenceless as the Consortium moved in to pick over the pieces, and only through the dedicated skill of its people did Alpha Fleet lead the rallying defence which proved too much for the Consortium to recover from.

Reports of suspected Borg sightings on the edges of known space continued to send chills down people's spines. Closer to home a faction of disgraced Starfleet personnel, led by a former Doctor, launched their own very personal and very violent campaign against Starfleet, and more specifically Alpha Fleet itself. Once more, Alpha Fleet prevailed, and once more, things are returning to their old, peaceful selves.

A new generation has dawned. But with it comes both new and unknown possibilities. The past has proven that peace is only a temporary state of being, and it is only a matter of when, not if, the next problem presents itself. The old threats are still out there somewhere, and further beyond the new ones await their own time to strike.

The year is now 2388 and here we stand on the front lines of the Federation; upholding the values of Starfleet, pushing forward the boundaries of science and exploration, and ever ready to defend the lives of the people we have sworn to protect.

This is the line, This is Alpha Fleet. You don't want to cross either....

Alpha Fleet is an Award Winning Star Trek Fleet looking to fill her ranks with new faces. ¿The fleet has been around for almost ten years now, and continues to set a standard of excellent gaming. ¿We have many different types of ships, with everything from action packed combat simms to character oriented roleplaying. ¿

In addition, Alpha Fleet is proud to announce Task Force Alpha, a new group devoted to Star Trek Online. ¿If you are a player looking for a group to join for STO, then look no further than Alpha Fleet. ¿When not completing exciting quests in game, join your fellow STO gamers in Role Playing through a STO character's back story with Alpha Fleet.

Interested? ¿Alpha Fleet is looking for players of all experience levels to join the adventure. ¿Head on over to Alpha Fleet Main Page and take a look at our Wiki, or join our message board and say hi. ¿We look forward to seeing you!

-Commander Tom Kraft
-Fleet Recruitment Agent
-Deep Space Fifteen Chief Engineer
-Alpha Fleet


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UFOP: StarBase 118 RPG


We are a community of people who love writing and Star Trek.  We've been together as a group since June of 1994 and have enjoyed years of simming under a highly trained command staff.  Our group offers an extensive and complete training course upon acceptance that will acclimatize you to our rules and ways of simming.  We also offer a very active forum, an online database to organize your character's information, and of course, a ship to suit your simming style.  If you want to learn more, just click on the link above and head to our website.  Take a look at the "Prospective Members Tour" on our home page.  We'd love to have you join our group -- see you soon!


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        Lotus Fleet is a Star Trek Online / Role-playing Federation Fleet. What Lotus Fleet intends to accomplish is maintaining a Starfleet structured military ranking system, while not taking members for granted, as it is the members that allow any Fleet to exist and succeed both within Star Trek Online and outside. With that said, it is our goal to offer as much Web content that we can by offering Role Play to members that allow fans to assume ranks ranging from Ensign to Captain.


       We also allow members to go from Cadet in the Academy through the enlisted ranks found in Lotus Fleet Task Forces and all the way to Captain in one of Lotus Fleet’s Flag Divisions. Positions above the rank of Captain are available but only to those that are the most dedicated and truly feel that they can make a difference for our members.


       If you are not familiar with the MMO type of game play, Lotus Fleet is designed to offer a robust and scalable Starfleet Academy that will help new Star Trek fans become familiar with both in game content and the Star Trek Universe as whole while allowing the seasoned Star Trek Fan the ability to reminisce upon what has made Star Trek so great in everyone's mind.


         Our Academy Staff has dedicated many combined years to all things Trek and are more than pleased to bestow that knowledge on new members of the Fleet. The term "Fleet" is in fact equivalent to what you might call a "Guild" that you might find in WOW, SWG or COH. That means that should you decide to become member of Lotus Fleet, not only will you have the honor of attending Starfleet Academy, but you will also have the support and dedication that can only come with a group of dedicated members that all share the same goal of living out their dream of being a Starfleet Officer and exploring the great unknowns that the universe has to offer.


       Upon graduation from the Academy, new fleet members will embark on a journey that will continue to develop and support the idea of member based Fleet support and allow dedicated members that want to see Lotus Fleet become one of the most elite and fun Fleets that they can be proud of.


        Lotus Fleet would also like to offer an extended invitation to all service members wherever you might be. Whether you will have the ability to play STO or not, you will always have a welcome home here and we would still like to offer a little piece of home and show our appreciation for what you do.


Join Us at or contact me at for more information.

Dyson Gibbs

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To: StarTrek.Com Community
From: Offices of the Diplomatic Corps, First Fleet

Greetings from First Fleet Command.
I am Commodore Dyson Gibbs, Head of Diplomatic Relations over at First Fleet.

I won't lie to you, time on the frontline is harsh and we're losing this three-way war. Our forces are spread too thinly. We need more recruits, more officers and more ships out there.

Do you think you have what it takes? Can you help make a difference?

If you can, please contact us over at our HQ,

Commodore Dyson Gibbs
Head of Diplomatic Relations
First Fleet




Set in the same timeline as Star Trek Online, the year 2409, this play by forum role-playing game takes you to the frontlines of a thinly stretched Federation. With the Klingon's back at war with the Federation with their new conquered allies the Gorn Confederacy, the Borg steadily chipping away at Federation territory and the remnants of the Romulan Star Empire, led by Empress Sela blaming the Federation for the loss of Romulus, the Romulan home world.

Can you help bring peace back to the Federation?

We are looking for Command Staff, New Ships and CO's, XO's and Department Heads.

Players of all abilities are welcome!

You can visit our main site at

Our simm is still quite young and it is early days, however, we want you to be a part of it and help shape First Fleet for the future!


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7th Fleet


Five years after the ending of the Dominion War; followed by the return of the star ship Voyager the species know as 8472 began its first wave of infiltration into the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, infiltrating the highest echelons of the United Federation of Planets, not excluding other major political powers in the region.

In 2379 the Cardassian Empire and the Breen Confederacy sign a political agreement and form the United Independent Systems, by which they hoped to gain a greater foot hold in the Quadrant and access to a larger diplomatic playing field. During this time the Romulan/Shinzon incident takes place causing a schism within the political world. After such events Romulus would never be the same, she appeared weaker and less agile; it would take another 5 years for the senate to regain its former glory.

During the changing shape of the Galaxy the Tholian Empire emerged from its docile state with an ultimatum; they declared that all colonies within 5 light years of the current neutral boarders would be assimilated back into Tholian space.

The Seventh Fleet had been dispatched on humanitarian grounds to evacuate the colonies. At the time this did not go well with the citizens and many refused to leave the homes there forefathers had made. The eventual deadline passed and conflict ensued with the death toll reaching 300.000 at an estimate. The Seventh Fleet remained to patrol the new boundaries and keep the Tholian’s inside.

2384 the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Empire start proceedings to join the United Federation of Planets, this briefly causes a civil war within the Klingon High Council and the death of K’Voka; High General to the Council, for plotting treason.

Several smaller member states of the Federation declare they would succeed should the two powers be allowed to join the UFP. The First Nation of United Earth also declares a will to leave should the Klingon and Romulan’s join. Shadow Prime minister Richard Warren leads 4 million Humans in protest against the UFP; Starfleet security stand guard.

Species 8472 also known as the Undine by the Klingon’s attack several outer worlds before disappearing again. Vice Admiral Simon Bellamy is murdered by Undine agents at Star Base Seven.

2385 the Romulan Empire is formally welcomed into the UFP and the First Nation lead several revolts and leave Earth; during this brief period of uncertainty the Federation offers all the support to the founding of New Pangaea near the Bajoran system. A number of key Starfleet personal also take leave of the Federation along with their vessels and supplies. The UFP veto any call to arms.

2385 also sees that Gateway project under full swing to colonize the Delta Quadrant with factions from all corners of the known Galaxy working together in a friendship pact. Unfortunately during the access to the Gateway the combined forces of the Breen, Tholian and Cardassian Empire attack and destroy hundreds of vessels. A majority of sections passed into the DQ without fault while others scattered during the collapsing of the corridor. The Task Group 7, of the Seventh fleet lost all but 1 vessel during the conflict.

Contact with the Delta Quadrant has yet to be established….


Main Site:





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Going to be creating an RPG based upon the USS Defiant, NCC-1764. I hope to create the events that happened before the Tholian Web episode in TOS and The 'in Mirror Darkly episodes'. I am looking for some RPers that would be active and like to take part in such an RPG as this.


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Alliance Fleet

Looking for a fleet without a million strings attached to it?  Then look no farther!

Alliance Fleet is a friendly fleet whose main goal is to enjoy a good simm with other Trekkies or Trekkers who share the same passion.

We accept all kinds of new members to our simms be you a vetran simmer or someone who is new to the game.

We take place in the current STO timeline of 2409.  However, we do have other simms that play in other timelines as well.  Our simms welcome players ranging from ages 13 and up.

Alliance Fleet...  The Future is Within Our Grasp!

Visit us and sign up today!


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