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Check out the Starfleet Legacy Alliance, one of the oldest simming organizations on the web. ¿Currently the group includes 18 active sims in genres including the group's classic Trek sims, like the Potemkin, one of the oldest active sims on the web, the Caduceus and the Ark Royal, four separate Stargate teams, Torchwood Ten and more. ¿The group is all about fun, and keeping politics out of simming.

Check us out at The SLA Homepage or our Ten Forward forums.


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SL Alpha Fleet
Free online 3d Star Trek roleplay community in Second Life

Alpha Fleet is a 3d online roleplay sim where players develop their own characters in a players custom created setting. We are based on a Federation starbase in newly charted territory in the Gamma quadrant in 2388.

After an Alpha Fleet lieutenant discovered and implemented technology to enable the first Federation transwarp aperture, Starfleet's orders are to maintain a starbase in the aperture's vincinity for its maintanance and protection. After facing the Borg, deadly ion storms and alien viruses, they realize their next door neighbours may be even a bigger threat then the Borg...

Can you serve the fleet?
For more information and screenshots, check out .


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In the year 2412 stands Aurora Fleet defending the galaxy and time from the forces of darkness, join us and defend.

We are a fleet based sim in the year 2412, we deal with whatever comes our way  so pelase fleet free to join us we got a spot for you, so apply today we have many spots open  so come join the fun

Fleet Admerial Tyr Sheridan, Deputy Commander and Chief Aurora Fleet, CO of Task force 81 "The Templars" and CO of the USS Britanic(flahship of the Templars)


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Most fleets will fail within a few months.  There are many reasons for this from not having a big enough base of sims to start with, to lack of commitment from the top, to no real set of rules or too many of them, to trying to get by with no real site to base out of.

Horizon Fleet has been around for nearly two years now and has 199 characters on 26 different sims.  We have a structure that will allow you to sim in a fun environment with enough rules in place to make sure we have quality sims in place, yet we realize that its the Commanding officer and crew that run their sims.  

We have a variety of sims including ships from post Nemesis era, to ships in the TOS movie era and starbases.  We have also had Colonies and civilian sims.  We are open to new ideas and would like to see new faces.

Horizon Fleet


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I would like to announce that there will be a new Fleet being launched on January 1, 2009.

I am announcing it now because I am in need of Command Personnal, Fleet and Simm wise. I am also willing to talk to Independant Simms to see what it is that I can do to bring them to Starfleet.

Anyone interested can contact me on via yahoo: [][/EMAIL] I am also on YIM, same ID.

And please feel free to look at the Fleet Forums, they are going to be a lil different once I get a good Gaphics team together:

Thanks and read on:


The year is 2380
It has been three years since the Voyager returned from the Delta Quadrant. When she came home, many in the Federation had hoped that they would be able to use the new technology she brought back with her. Unfortunately, the technology was incompatible with current Federation technology.

The Borg Queen has been unable to access the Alpha Quadrant for three years, thanks in part to the manner of which Captain Janeway brought the U.S.S. Voyager home.

One year has passed since the Enterprise dealt with the Shinzon incident in the Romulan Star Empire, and the loss of Lt. Commander Data. After the Shinzon incident, the Romulans talked Peace with the Federation, finally signing the Soong Peace Accords, in memory of Lt. Commander Data. The U.S.S. Titan led the Task Force in charge of Patrolling the newly opened Romulan Empire Zone.

Six months ago, the Bajoran Wormhole reopened. The Bajorans rejoiced that the Prophets Celestial Temple had reopened. The Federation was glad that the gateway to the Gamma Quadrant had reopened. They mobilized a Fleet of ships to head into the Gamma Quadrant and to explore it thoroughly this time.

With the Romulans at peace, the Dominion War over, the Bajoran wormhole reopened and no apparent Borg threat the Federation began to relax its vigilance. They thought that everything was fine. They were following their core principle again: To Explore Strange New Worlds, To Seek out New Life and New Civilizations, To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.

They thought that they were safe; they thought that the Borg were gone; but with the opening of the Wormhole they were wrong. The Borg know of the Wormhole, and they have access to the Gamma Quadrant, and they are coming??.AGAIN?..

So will you Join Starfleet?

Will you Explore the newly opened Romulan Zone?

Will you help Explore the Gamma Quadrant?

Or will you help in the Normal operations in the Alpha Quadrant?

The possibilities are endless.....

If any of these interest you, then I extend my Hand to you in Friendship.

Tamahome Nakago
C-in-C of Starfleet


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UCIP's Home Fleet wants you!

Home Fleet is the home of the defenders, defending the heart of the Federation in the Alpha Quadrant and the colonies in both the Gamma and Delta Quadrants.  This fleet is set 30 years after the event in Star Trek: Nemesis and is part of the Trek Ops Division, the Star Trek only division, of UCIP.

We offer both PbEM as well as IRC and what are know as Multiplatform, which have both IRC and PbEM side by side, sims.  Check us out and join the fun!!


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The Star Trek Simulation Forum (STSF) is a live chatroom-based roleplaying game that puts you on the crew of a Federation (or Klingon or Romulan) Starship or Starbase. Everyone is welcome to play.

The STSF conducts two types of games, Academy and Advanced simulations (or sims):

Starfleet Academy Sims are open to all players regardless of experience. Crew positions are assigned at the beginning of each mission. Each mission lasts one hour, and a new story begins with each session. Players may attend Academy sessions on any night they are held, as often or as seldom as they wish, without advance notice or registration. Posts are assigned on a first come, first serve basis by the Game Masters (GMs) who are running the event.

The Academy is designed to introduce new players to online roleplaying, familiarize experienced players with our gaming style and conventions, or to provide a forum for role-players who do not wish to commit to a more regular schedule. After players have attended several academy sessions and have become comfortable in that environment, the GMs will "graduate" them to the rank of Ensign, and those players may elect to join a STSF Advanced Simulation.

Advanced Simulation games are re-occurring sims that meet on the same night and time every week. Crew positions are pre-assigned. Missions can last several weeks or months, picking up the next week where they left off the week before. Stories are often advanced through character-written logs and stories between sessions. Any graduate of a Starfleet Academy sim is eligible to request a post on an Advanced Simulation Starship or Starbase.

STSF Starfleet Academy and Advanced Simulations are held nightly. In addition, the Red Star Nightclub is open for business on Saturday nights. This is an in-character lounge where you can drop in, have a drink, and share your adventures in space.

Chat rooms for the STSF can be reached from the Community/Chat page here on STARTREK.COM or directly, at (

A schedule of STSF sims can be found at: The STSF Schedule (

For more information, please visit our main website at STSF  ( or post your questions here at STARTREK.COM and we will be happy to reply.

We hope you'll join us as we boldly go where no game has gone before.

Admiral, Star Trek Simulation Forum


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"Space, The Final Frontier...."

Interested in exploring strange new worlds? ?Seeking out new life and new civilizations? ?Then make sure you don't miss Star Trek: Horizons.

It is the hopes of the game administration that Trekkies, Science-Ficiton Fans, RPG Lovers, and Internet Surfers alike will converge here and help create one of the most successfull Star Trek RPG's available on the internet today.

Our current Administrators have all types of experience in operating different types of online organizations, from Bulletin Board RPG's to Online Gaming Guilds. Combining their years of experience, the staff are proud to bring you a new Star Trek RPG, Star Trek?: Horizons.

Star Trek?: Horizons is a play by bulletin board role playing game set in the 23rd and 24th century. In this game you will take on the role of a Starfleet officer on board one of many ships in the fleet. Working with fellow officers, you will explore strange new worlds; seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no one has gone before.

We would like to invite you to take some time and browse through our computer database, visit our starships and relax in our lounges. Hopefully you will find yourself enlisting as one of Starfleet?s finest, exploring new horizons.

Currently exploring a new sector of space between the Beta and Gamma Quadrant, Starfleet has setup Deep Space Twelve, a brand new station with space dock capabilities. ?DS12 acts as the main hub and command center for fleet operations in the sector. ?Being a month away from the nearest Starfleet outpost, supplies, personnel and ships are limited to what is in sector already, with monthly visits from the supply/cargo vessels. ?The sector currently has two active vessels (RPGs), the USS Hyperion and the USS Diligent. ?The Hyperion is an Akira class starship, and the muscle of the sector. ?The Diligent is a Diligent class starship, the first of its kind. ?

...Boldly going where no one has gone before.


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We are a simming group set in the year 2400, in the midst of a war with the Dominion and Thrull alliance. ¿It has been several years since SFCIS was last in operation and was forced to close her doors, but we have re-emerged with a new light and a fierce determination to bring fourth fun and enjoyment in simming entertainment. ¿We are not a strict and harsh group, and we do not require that incoming members change their storylines and time settings to suit ours. ¿Our goal is to give support to those who wish to have Fleet support, but we do not wish to overtake what we did not create. ¿Feel free to browse our webpage and our forums, to join our member sites or the FleetComm HQ it's self. ¿If you have a question, feel free to ask and we'll answer the best we can. ¿ We are currently looking for the following positions:




To check us out, click the links below




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Epsilon Force

Since the return of the USS Voyager from the Delta Quadrant after their 7 year journey home finally ending in the Borg Transwarp Conduit, Admiral Kathryn Janeway wanted the area to be further explored. It was difficult to do so however, as the only Federation ships found in the Delta Quadrant, and Voyager herself were sent there by the Caretaker. Admiral Janeway campaigned for an exploration force to be sent to the Delta Quadrant and the biggest problem which faced her, was how toget back to the Delta Quadrant.

That's where we come in.

Our primary mission is to patrol the Gamma Quadrant, scout out possible Dominion movement, and prevent further incursions into the Alpha Quadrant by any member of the Dominion. Secondary missions can include, but are not limited to, covert operations into Dominion territory, first contact scenarios with new life forms, and Diplomatic missions to form treaties and alliances with civilizations we've already come into contact with.

In addition, there are reports that Borg cubes have been sighted within the Delta Quadrant. It has been verified that they have already assimilated two planet populations and ten ships of differing alliance and species. We have been placed here to defend those against the Borg who either can't defend themselves or have already been dessimated by prior incursions. We will be exploring new frontiers and species never before seen by any member of the Federation.


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UCIP's Second, Beta Fleet - Needs you!

Set 30 years after the events of ST: Nemesis, Beta Fleet is home to all vessels assigned to Federation space within the beta quadrant. ¿With the Romulans, Klingons, and Gorn on the doorstep, Beta Fleet plays a crucial role in the Federation's security and diplomatic relations.

Participating Sims: USS Charon, USS Archer, USS Vindicator, USS Intrepid, and Starbase Versailles.

Providing quality PBem simming for over 14 years.


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Report this Feb. 22 2009, 2:32 pm



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Report this Mar. 18 2009, 6:38 pm

The Therian Fleet:

With the formation of new Fleets to insure safety around the galaxy Starfleet Command has commisioned the Therian Fleet in the year 2384 under command of Fleet Admiral Twan Johnsten.

And with rising tensions between the three great powers of the Alpha/Beta quadrant, the Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empira and the United Federation of Platens, Starfleet has decided to task the Therian Fleet with maintaining stability in the Beta Quadrant region of space controlled by the Federation.

Because of this command Ft. Adm. Johnsten has dispatched the 76th Task Force, better known as the Howling Wolves to this area of space.

The Task Force has set up shot on Starbase 123.

The mission this unit has: To maintain stability and safety in this region. To keep up diplomatic ties with the 2 major powers and last but certainly not least, to explore new space in the Beta Quadrant.

The Therian Fleet Homepage

We are a play-by-forum fleet.

The fleet currently consists of:
- 1 Sovereign-class ship: U.S.S. Godspeed, commanded by William Johnsten
- 1 Delphin-class ship: U.S.S. Delphin, commanded by Tom Picard
- 1 Defiant-class ship: U.S.S. Warrior, commanded by Chris Donnelley

We have 1 open command at this time:
- U.S.S Spitfire, an Excelsior-class refit.


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Report this Mar. 18 2009, 6:56 pm

Space, the Final Frontier¿

The Current Year is 2393. The Federation has been at peace with the Romulan Star Empire for almost ten years now, this special relationship has allowed both Powers to get to know one another better and has began one of the largest Research and Development drives within the pairing since the onset of the Dominion War.

However, the Klingon Empire is not entirely happy with this set-up and has begun to once again bear its teeth at the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire resulting in some animosity between them. As yet, nothing of a major conflict has taken place, but it won't take much to push the Klingons into a full scale war.

The Klingon Empire, sadly is not the only threat currently facing the Federation at the minute. In recent years, the race known as the 'Reptilians', former members of the Ancient Xindi Alliance from the time of Enterprise NX-01, have made a reappearance and are set about on their old quest of elimating Earth, this time once and for all¿

With this re-emerging threat, Starfleet Command saw fit to rebuild its Third Fleet, primarily tasked with Research, Development and Construction; was assigned to the known 'threat' areas, scattered within the Beta Quadrant, for testing of new technologies against the Reptilians. Providing a front line defence against this enemy, Third Fleet known to many as 'Delta Fleet' has an unpredictable future ahead of it, and must be prepared for the unexpected.


Greetings from Delta Fleet, I am Vice Admiral Nathan Dixon, Deputy Commander in Chief. At the moment, Delta Fleet is still in the process of getting things underway since she is less than two weeks old, however, we have only one simulation and have many fleet Department Roles available.

So, if you fancy a quick look, then please visit:

Please note that the forums have restricted access and require registration, this is relatively easy to do, all it needs is to be approved.

Anyway, it would be very nice if we could get the ball rolling with experienced, trusted and hard-working people either commanding new simulations, or just filling up our vacancies.

Hope to see you there!!


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Report this Mar. 21 2009, 6:33 pm

Pathfinder Alliance

If your looking for a safe, fun, friendly simming envirnoment, you won't find a better place.

Pathfinder Alliance isn't a bunch of fancy ships trying to be the best on the internet, we're a group of people who enjoy Star Trek and love posting about our fictional characters.

We are a Play-by-Email Fleet.

Thank you.

Commander Michael Intermeezo
Chief Science Officer
USS Wayfarer, NCC-28181-B

LtCommander DeLon Bateman
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Night Runner, NX-32781

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