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With the deletion of the former Fleet Directory. I thought it was time to make a new one. All you need to do is post the URL and a brief description of the fleet.


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Hawking fleet

Hawking Fleet is based on a simple principal - FUN! We are not interested in authority, although we do maintain a command structure. We do not base the game on this structure though, it exists purely to emulate the Star Trek experience. We are not a fleet full or rules and regulations. We are simply a collection of Star Trek loving people who come together to create great fiction in a happy, friendly environment. Joining Hawking Fleet couldn't be easier, full details are available on the Hawking Fleet Academy pages.

Hawking Fleet endeavours to offer the PBEM playing community a place where they can have fun, meet new like minded people and take part in an active imaginative sim with others, while remembering the basic rules.

A little over seven years ago, the galaxy class USS Hawking posted for the first time with a small crew of relatively new players. Now seven years later, Hawking Fleet has become an established renowned PBEM game for players of all experience levels. Providing a range of quality games for serious players we are sure you will find a suitable environment for you to enjoy imaginative simming with like minded individuals. Hawking Fleet also offers an adapative, interactive training environment for new players to Play by Mail, giving them the basic introductions to Play by Mail and allowing them to grow in confidence to serve on any fleet vessel they choose.

Hawking Fleet is aimed at a mature audience with quality posting, we therefore respectfully ask that all applicants to Hawking Fleet are aged 16 years old and over. All new members to Hawking Fleet will first join Hawking Fleet Academy. This gives experienced players a chance to see how we do things here at Hawking Fleet, and allows new players the initial information they need to go to being productive members of the crew aboard their chosen vessel.

Thank you for choosing to visit Hawking Fleet today, if there is anything else we can do for you, do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff. Simply choose the person you wish to communicate with via the links to your left.

we need captains for  the

USS Priory -Akira Class

USS Hawking -Sovereing Class

USS- Wind Fall _ Galaxy Class

USS- Neverwinter- Prometheus Class

And you can bring in your ship

Thank you for your time

PS  sites can get a treksimms web site if so needed and a crew is formed no site needed before this is takein effect

Thank you

Jaren Scicot: Task Force Disovery CO, USS - Gladius


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i'm in a process of making a role playing game on United Nations' Global Defense Initiative starship Serenity defence - 1701 an Galaxy class vessel, causei'm having some troubles, i've started this topic -

i hope you can help out and i help you out?

request -
oh can we pin this topic?????

off topic -
someone is a fan of bill clinton senior after all bill clinton junior used to be the usa boss, voted by their people


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Omega Fleets

Its the year 2386 and the federation is allies with the Romulans but can they save themselves from any threat that comes their way? Omega Fleets Battles everyone from Cardassians to their Mirror self. Come check us out and see if you have what it takes to survive. Omega Fleets is bound to have something for everyone. Come check us out and join in on the fun.

The webaddress is: Omega Fleets


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Obsidian Fleet

The star Loki is located on the edge of the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone. It's radition & constant solar activity had wreaked havoc on it's sole populated planet, Obsidian.

In 2296, Starfleet, at the behest of the Federation Council, established a small outpost on the planet. It's primary mission was to help the planets population overcome the troubles caused by the degredation of it's ozone layer.

It would be a lie to say the task was easy. The outpost was almost destroyed shortly after it's completion; yet now, almost a hundred years later, the desert planet of Obsidian really does bloom. It's ozone layer has been repaired, and Federation terrafroming teams are bringing life back to the planet.

The fact remains, however, that the planet lies on the very edge of Federation space, only .9 of a light year from the Romulan Neutral Zone.

In 2369, plans were put forward for the construction of a permanent starbase. It was passed and construction began, only to be slowed a year later as the Dominion and Borg threats grew.

Construction was slow; the war with the Dominion was taking up the majority of the Federation and Starfleet's resources. It was shortly after the war that the Romulans offered to make the Starbase a Joint Venture. Starfleet accepted, and in 2376 the Starbase, newly painted and named StarBase Obsidian, was completed. It was then that the reason for the Romulan cooperation became clear: the Borg were attacking more and more regularly; ships were vanishing; and whole outposts went missing. In response, the Federation Council and the Romulan Senate created a joint fleet. The 9th Federation Fleet and the 12th Romulan Fleet were combined to create Obsidian Fleet. Their orders, to defend the Romulan/Federation Borders from any and all outside threats.

The venture was not always easy. As the war ended, relations between the Federation and the Romulans cooled. The cooling was also evident in Obsidian Fleet, where tensions between Federation and Romulan elements grew. After only one year, the Romulan government pulled out of Obsidian Fleet, leaving Starfleet in control of the Fleet.

Obsidian Fleet continues to protect the Federation into 2385, keeping an eye out for new threats to the safety of the Federation.


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Star Trek Atlantis
We're simply a Star Trek RPG thats taken several steps farther into the Star Trek universe than others have in the past. Feel free to register and join in our forums. Atlantis prides itself on encouraging ALL members to use their imagination to the fullest when setting up your characters. In our opinion all types of star trek fans can have fun at Atlantis Fleet and everyone is welcome.

Many positions are available but filling up quickly so join today!


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Dead link, bub. And someone correct me if I'm wrong, I thought this was a FLEET directory, not a convenient place for spammers to blurb their individual sites because this is a pinned thread. :eyesroll: :angry: :p


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then how should it look?


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Star Trek: Megiddo

Online since 2003, this long running sim has something for everyone.

Six ships in the fleet - each bearing a unique posting style that is sure to appeal to a wide array of simmers.

A Space Station.

An oupost with dynamic ongoing plotlines.

Marine Unit.

Best of all... We are once again accepting applications. Stop by and check out what we have to offer.


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Star Trek: First Fleet

Star Trek: First Fleet is set in the year 2340. The years leading up to the beginning of the first Cardassian War.

With new technology coming through in the Federation and the old, like the USS Icarus being pushed aside, things are moving quickly with the Federation covering more ground than ever.

Join us on a journey of Exploration, War and Peace through this crucial time in Federation history.


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Valiant Fleet
Valiant Fleet is a simming organization that is based in the year 2386. We are positioned mainly in the Alpha Quadrant, protecting the Bajora system, but have a few simulations exploring the Beta Quadrant.

In terms of out of character, we are a very democratic simming group. We have a Fleet Council made up of the FXO, CoS, AC, JAG, TFCO, and Fleet Representative. We have recently added the position of Fleet Representative is a elected, popular vote position. We are currently in the process of getting nominee's for this position.

Open Command Staff Positions:
Chief of Staff
Director of the Valiant Fleet Post
*All deputy command staff positions are OPEN
Please email the FCO at if you would like to apply for either of these positions.

Open Commands
To get an up to date list of the open simulations please go to the following link:

Thank you,
Vice Admiral John Gordon
Fleet Commanding Officer
Valiant Fleet


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Bravo Fleet

One of the biggest and best sim fleets on the net, Bravo Fleet is home to over 200 ship, colony and starbase sims. ¿Bravo also has several affiliates that sim in TOS era, the movie era and a future timeline so there's something for everyone. ¿The fleet operates a friendly message board as well, so there's always some fun to be had OOC. ¿With our own Academy for new simmers and open positions up to command for veterans everyone can find a place in Bravo Fleet. ¿Find out more at, browse the Task forces and Affiliates and aply to any ship that interests you. ¿See you in the fleet.

Captain Don Edwards
Commanding Officer
USS Sovereign
Task Force 21


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A small task group of four active ships, including the esteemed USS Phantom led by Admiral Valrek. This task group is always looking for new crew members and welcome both experienced and novice RPers.

Major Darz Rixx
Marine XO
USS Phantom
Task Group Flagship


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Star Trek Horizons is an extremely active play by message board RPG, that boasts not only some of the best graphics of any RPG I've ever had the pleasure of playing, but also some of the best writers. ¿

Currently we run one Akira class starship, one Galaxy class star ship and a fully functioning space station, complete with Defiant class defense ship. ¿All 3 are fully operational RPG's, all based in the Danube sector of the Beta quadrant, roughly one decade after the return of the USS Voyager.

Join us as we seek out and find, there are still many open positions including non Starfleet positions. ¿Just click on the link to check out our site.



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Report this Sep. 16 2008, 1:08 pm

Horizons is a play by message board RPG based a decade after the return on Voyager. ¿We currently have 2 ships, the USS Rapture-Galaxy class and the USS Hyperion-Akira class. ¿We also have a fully functioning space dock, DS12 and it's support ships, which includes the Defiant class-USS Aries. ¿Based in the Danube sector of the Beta Quadrant, the RPG is focused on what Trek is all about, namely, exploration.

So, click the link below and join us, as we seek out and find.

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