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Star Trek: The Experience Memorial Thread


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I was living in Vegas when The Experience opened. ¿I came back on leave to see it when I lived in Japan. ¿I moved back here last year and each time I go is almost like the first time. I was hoping to have my wedding on The Bridge but finances and family aren't in sync so we're going with plan b. ¿ :cry:
I will miss this place when it's gone. ¿I am thankful I was able to take the backstage tour as well. ¿Thanks to all of the performers and shopkeepers on The Promenade. ¿I wanted to be you when I grew up. ¿Good luck to everyone at The Experience and I hope this is only a prelude to a new "Experience" in the future.


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Darn, I am in Japan right now, lol. I don't think I will be able to take leave for the last experience either.


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I had hoped to get there someday and go through it, but it seems like it isn't to be.  :(  In my family, I'm pretty much the only Trek fan so I really don't see it happening.  Now if I could win the powerball I could go and enjoy for myself what I've read here  :)  Haven't been too lucky on that so far ;)  But I'll keep trying!


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Wanted to let everyone know, some of the old staff and I and local fans are going to be there to close the place down on Sept. 1.  Please keep posting fond memories.


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Over the years, I have made friends with one of the Bartenders, who is also a Manager.  We came in town, always stopped by to have a Breach and say Hi.  I for one am going to miss  the Warp Core Breaches the most.  I will be walking back to La Quinta Sunday night.  ::hic::  ::hic::


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I think the one thing that will always stick with me (besides everything overall :) ) is that all the people involved in the rides during them remained in character through the whole show, even if something went wrong.

On my second or third time ever going there (this was back in 2001 or 2002), there was a problem with the shuttlebay door.  It didn't want to open when it was supposed to.  The one that was showing us off the ship went to a door nearby and poked his head in and asked if everything was OK.  But he did so completely in character!  He could have easily gone "Hey Joe, what's wrong?".  Instead he asked the "lieutenant" if he could get power to the door or something like that; again, totally in character.  He did not break character at any time.

There were times if you went through pretty much back to back that you saw the same people playing different characters, even in the different times.  For example, there were a couple times I did this and saw one lady play Lt. Thomas? (I'm having a brain freeze, the one that takes us from the bridge to the shuttlebay in Klingon Encounter) and then the very next time through for me play the janitor who takes the group from the shuttlecraft to the TV monitor with the news (this was when they still showed us the news footage).  Sometimes, I had a moment to tease them about it, but they stayed in character and blew it off to my memory or just a resemblance or things like that.

Every single person that "worked" or "works" there has done a tremendous job throughout the years, and they all deserve recognition and kudos for that

..............I put "work" in quotation marks because I'm sure most of them probably don't think of it as a job; I know if I "worked" there, it would be getting to play for 8 hours (or whatever) and getting paid for it.


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My whole reason for staying at the Hilton when I am in Vegas was the Star Trek Experience.  I can honestly say that after August, I *MIGHT* go to Vegas.  And if I do, I will stay at the Golden Nugget.  There is absolutely no reason for me to go to the Hilton now.


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Bugger, I was planning to save some money this year, but now I have to fly to Las Vegas with the wife and kids to se the experience one more time, and it will be a long flight from Brisbane - Australia.
The experience and the Convention was my main reason to spend my annual vacation in LV during the last 4 years. Not happy now the experience will be gone for ever.


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Why are they closing it?  I thought it was popular.  Is there any reason except the end of a contract?


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Quote (hotlava646 @ July 25 2008, 8:46 pm)
Why are they closing it? ¿I thought it was popular. ¿Is there any reason except the end of a contract?

The Hilton no longer wants it there is why.


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So why is Creation still having the convention there next year?  I think they sold us out as well.


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I dont think they sold us out as much as they had a contract with the Hilton about having the event there.


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Quote (hotlava646 @ July 25 2008, 9:34 pm)
So why is Creation still having the convention there next year?  I think they sold us out as well.

Creation will have the convention their because it's Las Vegas plain and simple.

Although I he people say there was 15,000 people there, When it was in Passedena, Ca they they were geting anywhere from 15,000 to 25,000 in attendance each day. They also used to have more and better vendors.

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