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Star Trek: The Experience Memorial Thread


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Report this Jun. 30 2008, 5:30 am

Hey, kids,

As some of you have seen, it's official; Star Trek: The Experience will end its near ten year run on Sept. 1. 2008. Some of you may have seen me there in its first four years as one of the blue uniform guys who load you in at the beginning, as an operations lead in various Starfleet roles, and finally as Kralk, son of T'Nek, from 1999 through the summer of 2001 and the summer of 2002 and convention week 2003 (Kralk's last official mission).

It was one of my coolest gigs ever and I'd like to use this thread to share some fond memories. I encourage the rest of you to do the same (please no negatives in this thread). I would like to print it out and present it to the management and staff during the Creation Con in Aug.

Here are a few of my favorite moments;

On opening day, people spontaneously bursting into tears when they found themselves transported to the Enterprise. I remember one lady in particular who ran her fingers over the transporter console apologetically saying, "I just gotta touch it."

The look on the transporter officer's face when we got our first assistance dog going through with a guest. We wondered how the dog would handle the turbolift, thinking we might have to rename it the "turdolift". As it turns out the local assistance dog training school liked to use the Experience because of all the flashing lights, loud noises, and "interesting" persons walking around. It also helped that the owner was a Trekkie.

The English gentleman who asked to be removed after being transported because it was "just too exciting."

Improvising short circuits in the grand corridor wall panels using flashing pens.

When I was a uniformed operations lead, using my walkie talkie as a scanning device when guests would come by an open shuttle bay.

Being paid to share a three-hour dinner with a family for their son's birthday in full Klingon regalia. Cool kid. Knew how to play the game. The guy must be 19 or 20 now. His birthday is, I believe, Sept. 11. Yikes! Like I said the id was cool, his parents were cool, his grandmother just kept staring at me and the uncle was trying to wrap his head around the whole thing by interogating me the entire time. That experience tested both my knowledge of Klingon culture and my improvisation abilities. I used everything I knew, everything I could extrapolate and then just started making things up.

Sharing the following exchange with Nana Visitor (in town starring in "Chicago" at Madalay Bay):

Kralk: You look familiar.
Nana: So do you.
Nana: Shh. I had Dr. Bashir take the ridges off while visiting this time period.
Kralk: Majqa. (Well done)

I was with Maj. Kahlyn at the time and as we walked away, we heard her tell our general manager, "She's fantastic."

Similarly, as we passed "Gen. Martok" (J. G. Hertzler) during the first Creation Con in 2002, we overheard the Gen. say, "Magnificent." Kahlyn turned to him and said, "Shouldn't you be saying that to Sirella?" He said, "Sirella isn't here." Laughter and invitations to The Experience ensued. As we walked away, a guest asked him, "Why aren't you in uniform like them?" He replied, "Because I'm just an actor. They're the real thing." Ego boosting to say the least.

I could obviously go on for days but I'm looking forward to your remembrances.

Before I turn this over to you, I have to give a shout out to the faces behind the alien ambassadors, some of the finest actors I've ever had the priviledge to work with. Here's to you Jon, Nate, Todd, Markus, Richard, Barry, Mark, Paul, Tom, Lynn, Greg, Tim, Jerad, April, Kerstan, and our sometime alien Starfleet liaisons Amy, Tree, Todd, George and I'm forgetting about three or four others because I'm lame. Hopefully someone else will fill in the gaps in my memory.

It was a great run (01-04-98 to 09-01-08) and I'll never forget it. Now to you all---


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I knew this was coming for a few months now, so I committed myself and my finances to visiting the Experience from my home in Philly once a month until the end. My 3rd trip is on July 12 - Jerad, if you're reading, please work that day! I'm bringing a daughter who has never been and she desperately wants to meet your alter ego.

Anyway, words cannot adequately express the extreme sorrow than many Trekkies are experiencing today. Not only about losing Trek Mecca, Quarks, the wonderful museum and attractions upstairs, but the real loss is in the people we go to see.

Quan, Motog, Kahlen, 3 of 6, and everyone else:  YOU GUYS ROCK.  Each of you is star in my eyes.

I was fortunate to have a private meeting with one of you out of character. It was like spending time with Shatner or one of the others. I'm not exaggerating. You guys are the real stars of Trek these days. You make it real, tangible, believable. It was truely a thrill to talk Trek with someone who really lives it.

While the actors, both characters and the people running the rides, are to be commended on the quality of their acting and professionalism, there are others I must mention.

First and foremost, the older black woman who works the register and museum entrance desk. I forget the name, but she has got to be one of the sweetest people on this planet.

Next, the people in the shops. If I ran a store, those are the people I would want working there. They are the most helpful and friendly people around.

Even though I knew it was coming, I shed a tear last night. I am a normal 36 y/o guy, well adjusted, married father of 5, not living in anyone's basement, and I feel a large sense of loss today because a tourist spot 3500 miles away is closing.

Yes, the museum, Quarks, the gift shops, the rides will all be missed. Nothing, but NOTHING, can ever replace the people who made it all work. I truely believe that the Great Bird would have been proud of each and every one of you.

I will add anecdotes to this thread later. I just wanted to get my initial thoughts down. Thank you for reading.

May each one of you live long and prosper in all your future endeavors.

Jim from Philly


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Regrettably, I never got a chance to attend The Experience. When I heard that it was closing, I thought about putting together a last-minute trip to Vegas to see it, but the best air fare that I could find was over $500. I'm already taking a two-week vacation to the West Coast in late August, so spending the extra $$$ on plane fare and hotel accommodations just isn't in the cards, I'm afraid.


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First off I'll say this. Quarks has been the center of my universe since it opened. It's the best reason to go to Las Vegas anymore. It's the one place I felt truly in my skin, with my people. But that's the important thing isn't it? PEOPLE. US. Trekkers. Trekkies. Whatever we call ourselves anymore. We made this place our home. We'll still be alive and around long after the Experience is gone. We're a nomadic race anyway. And when we get together it'll still be that same amazing feeling, no matter what the location. They'll be other locations, other bars, there will only ever be one Quarks, and that's the loss I'm feeling today. But there will always be US. I'm also a 36/yo male. And I felt a sting of sadness this morning when I read the bad news. But I'm going to the last true Experience convention in four weeks, and I'll be going to wherever they decide to have the next one next year. Because I'll need to see you guys again. That would be a much bigger loss to me. As I'm sure it would be to most of you.

And to my Trek-brother above, (Trekhed68) who never got to go to the Experience. I envy you. You won't ever really know what's been lost today. But remember people, that fantasticr quote from The Wrath of Khan:
"And yet, it should be noted that in the midst of our sorrow, this death takes place in the shadow of new life, the sunrise of a new world..."
They'll be other places and better times yet to come fellow fans. Of that I have no doubt.


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I haven't been there before either, that kind of sucks.


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I am so thankful that I got to go there at least once! My husband and I actualy wanted to get married there but it was a little to expensive for just the two of us. We were actualy planning on going there for our 5th anniversary and doing the Vulcan Vow Renewal on the bridge.

I remember getting off the monorail and walking into the Hilton the first time, just the entrance to the Experience made me want to cry. Hubby and I got married in Vegas in the little white wedding chappel and going to the Experience was the first thing we did as officialy husband and wife. We went on the rides, we took the backstage tour, we spent a fortune at the shops, we ate there a few times, my honor was questioned by a was the best!!!!!


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*cancels her wedding plans* :cry:


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Quote (BekkCase @ June 30 2008, 12:53 pm)
*cancels her wedding plans* :cry:

well you have until September........ ;)


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I will get there before it closes :(


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I don't have enough money to get a bus into town, nevermind a whole other country and a wedding :laugh:

Oh well, what is, is I suppose :)


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Report this Jun. 30 2008, 12:58 pm

You could stow away aboard a freighter to Calif :D


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I'm currently planning a trip there. I'm trying to go for 8/31-9/1 to be there the last 2 days, but I'm not sure if that will work out or not :(


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^^Good luck!


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Quote (trekker670 @ June 30 2008, 1:36 pm)
I'm currently planning a trip there. I'm trying to go for 8/31-9/1 to be there the last 2 days, but I'm not sure if that will work out or not :(

Me to  :cool:


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Report this Jul. 01 2008, 12:12 am

I must agree to thank all the people at the experience from the actors to the servers in Quarks bar, to the shop keepers, and actors in costume on the rides and wandering around. You all made the show what is was!  Be Proud! You reached out to the many Trek fans and made us all feel like your place was our home...April was our behind the scenes tour guide and she was wonderful....she was also wonderful a few years ago at the 40th annniversary star trek creation convention where she found us in quarks and she was dressed as an andorian commandeer....I will miss her and all the employees so much. And I will now no longer have any desire to go to the VEGAS HILTON and they will not see me there anymore either. I hope they notice the lack of attendence from Trek fans...but they probably won't care.

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