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Awsome Story & Character Idea


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Report this Jun. 23 2008, 10:09 am

I am not as submerged in all things Startrek as I am sure many of you probably are.

I know that my idea comes probably not in time, not even for any potential Voyager movie that might come to be.

None the less, wouldn't it have been cool if...

Imagine, Voyager is on its way home when in the middle of an uncharted area of space it should happen to come accross a gold, metal object, of humanoid shape.

They investigate it and discover that it is made entirely out of the same metal as Borg assimilation probes.

It has no life signs and seems as though it is little more than a man sized chunk of nearly indestructible metal.

In the interest of investigating the object the captain and crew of Voyager decide to beam it onboard.

It turns out that it is a droid and it has been stuck out in the same uncharted place in space for thousands of years. It de-activated its self but with a trigger in place to reactivate its self should its position ever be changed in any way.

It arrives onboard Voyager fully active. When the crew of Voyager see it walking they become very concerned about what its intentions might be. Some even point their phasers at it ready to fire should it pose a threat.

It poses no threat. It doesn't speak but merely stands there. It is picking up and analyzing the transmissions from the Doctor's holograph emitters. It stands there breaking down the program code until it is learning what the doctor knows, learning how to speak the language spoken by the crew of Voyager.

Finally it speaks. It becomes apparent that it is one hundred percent non sentient, though it has an incredible degree of artificial intelligence to the point where sentient beings might find it hard to believe that this thing is no more sentient than a tricorder. It becomes apparent during a verbal exchange between the Machine and the Captain of Voyager, after the Machine has learned the language of Voyager.

The machine doesn't know many mysteries of its own existence. It recognizes something familiar about Seven of Nine, something which, as it turns out later, was a hint to the origins of the Machine.

Seven of Nine also recognizes the Machine. She recognizes it as Borg Designation, "Machine One." Seven also declares, "It is obsolete."

As the story unfolds we disccover that "Machine One" was a prototype made by a group of scientists from a highly advanced ancient civilization. One brilliant scientist had more to do with the development of "Machine One" than anyone else.

Two groups of scientists were competing for a planetary defense contract. The other prototype, the one that the planetary government decided to go with, was the first of the Borg.

"Machine One" also calls himself "Borg," though he is definitely not Borg as the rest of the universe came to know it.

"Machine One" was declared obselete before it was ever deployed. The first of the Borg, as it was deployed, did not have quite all of the bugs worked out and wound up assimilating the people it was deployed to protect.

The planetary government, upon deciding to go with the first Borg rather than "Machine One", had decided that "Machine One" was to be scrapped. "Machine One's" primary creator and programmer, out of love for his own creation, decided to jetisson "Machine One" out into deep space rather than have it disassembled and scrapped and it has been where it eventually wound up ever since, until now.

"Machine One" has no ability to assimilate, but it does have one trick up its metal sleeve. Every segment of its metal body contains a holo emitter, and it can cast off parts of its self just to have it create a holographic whole and each of those holographic whole beings it can generate can operate independantly and can appear as any being, or perhaps any thing which Machine One might have analyzed. If it cast off a finger tip to make a copy of Captain Jingwe, and one didn't happen to notice that the copy had a gold finger tip...

"Machine One" was programmed with awareness that holographic matrices can be disrupted so it tries to keep enough of its actual segments together so that it might manually reassemble its self if it had to, otherwise the copy can simply walk up to and through the original to reatach the cast off segment of the Machine.

My idea goes on and on from there, but that is enough for now.

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