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We break Net now to bring you the latest in news from our men and women in uniform deep inside the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. The fighting is still going strong, we have the weapons, we have the ships but we need you you! The Federations 2nd Fleet has mobilized to put a stop to the bug threat once and for all! Currently the Federal Armed Services is looking for brave individuals that wish to make a difference and gain citizenship. Join Up Now and fight for the future!

From the desk of the AQZ Operations Commander
Lt.GEN Aiden Jasek
RE: Open Positions

The Following Positions are open within the 2nd Fleet

Command: Deputy AQZ Commander

Fleet: Ship Captains
Fleet: Class Pilots
Fleet: Drop Pilots
Fleet: Assault Pilots
Fleet: Ship Personnel (Communications, Logistics, Maintenance)

MI: Company Commanders
MI: Platoon Leaders
MI: Fire Team Troopers
MI: Nuclear Armed Troopers
MI: Medics

INT: Intelligence Officers
INT: Intel Specialist

Lt.Gen Jasek

Join Now! Starship Troopers: The 2nd Fleet


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Oh...Now this sounds fun!


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This song is dedicated to the men and women of the Mobile Infantry. Too bad there's no video, but the song kicks @$$.



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I loved that movie!


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