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In a Mirror, Darkly.


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I think the cast would have preferred not to have deviated from their regular charcters, given their time was coming to a close, and I surely understand that. But, sure, it was neat having a peek into the MU again, and I loved the Defiant angle, as ''The Tholian Web'' is one of my absolute favorite TOS we know where she went. I felt it a clever way to go, the cross-reality/temporal incursion of the Constitution-Class ship into that universe, and now, we know at least what awaits beyond one of the Interphases(Hey, Smiley, c'mon over)I'd like to think that Mirror Trip is going to be pretty P.O.'ed to say the least, to see the 'Captain's woman'(''What's love got to do with it'?) sitting in the big chair, assuming he forgave Archer for putting him in the agony booth. I'd at least WANT to belive, that even here, there's soom room left for loyalty among a few...I was thinking recently about Captain Forrest, and he did go out as a captain would in our reality, taking the helm, and going down with the ship, hoping his crew could get away...a redeeming thought there to me. I wonder if there are any humans-Terrans-I say I have never cared for the term, but, look where we are-who DON'T share the Imperialistic views of their government. Are there closet human revolutionaries, moderates, 'potential threats to Imperial Security' amongst the masses on Earth, in the Colonies? I want there to be, to believe that, even here...the instinct for freedom isn't totally squashed, and people, but people wlll be people, might look beyond the 'comfort and security' the Empire no doubt has repeatedly stressed they provide its citizens(What's an Empire without propaganda?), and think, 'There has to be more than this', ask, 'Who ARE we as a race, really?'....The MU is, at most basic, the worst impulses of OUR age, or any since the world began. In the  Shat novel  ''Preserver''( Ghost-penned by Enterprise S-4 writers Judy and Garfield Reeves-Stevens) at the end there is an epilogue. Zephrem Cochrane, just before he is about to meet the first Vulcan representatives, takes out a coin, intending to use it, to decide whether or not to tell the aliens about the Borg, and the coming threat....thus, on one flip, we see the Mirror future....

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''


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i thought that these were very good episodes sinse they show the terran empire before kirk fucked it up and it colapsed. it also shows some enterprise era ships kicking some ass. not even to mention they ahd realy cool props

we decide fate, fate decides us


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i loved it. thats what the enterprise series shouldve been more like and it would have lasted longer. they did a wonderful job making it look just like TOS. The bright yellow, red and blue colors of the uniforms and areas on the defiant looked almost just like TOS 's enterprise that Kirk commanded. i think they should have made enterprise series look like that. that was my favorite episode of that entire series. now if there gonna keep remaking the old series then they should do it just like that


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Great! It is cool to see Phlox in such a dark role!


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