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What if--


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What if in the next Star Trek movie, Star Trek 11... that Spock were to die?  Would this nullify anything from post-Nemesis such as Spock's appearance in the Titan novel "Taking Wing"?


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They could find some weird technical medical breakthrough to bring him back.

Sew his head back on with 23rd century dental floss or something.

Perhaps this thread should have been in the movie board.


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The books would remain as written and any future books would follow the same time line, if the Author still wanted to include Spock.


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I doubt the movie would start out immediately after Nemesis...I'd say a few months, or years, after Nemesis.

Quick question, since authors contribute to Star Trek fiction, do they get to read the movie script so they can write their stories without contradicting this new inclusion to the timeline?

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