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A note to any one who wants to be a CO


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Try joining the USS Adams-A or even the Starship Intrepid, both are high quality groups that I have experience in. ¿USS Adams-A is 25th century, USS Intrepid is 23rd century

Your experience on the Adams includes impersonating admins, trolling our forum, and shitting all over the continuity of Star Trek. You didn't last four days before your posting privileges got revoked.


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Quote (CaptainAbney @ June 05 2008, 12:15 am)
But then again some of you are brlliant!
¿ ¿ ¿ I have been desperate ly trying to get into or start a simm myself,Can any of you help?:question:

If you want sound advice please IGNORE this CKF18, he has done nothing except destroy the reputation of the USS Adams.

Refer to the following topics: "Why?", Tip for future COs, "FLogging a Dead Horse"


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Also make sure that if your a CO, you have a computer you can get on regularly. Currently one of my CO's informed me that the reason he isn't on a lot, is becuase he has to drive downtown to the library in order to use the internet. So we always go several days without posting becuase he isn't there to tell us about a mission.

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