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The Dreams of PikeFan


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*Braces herself* I'm ready for all the haters. If you don't want to read it, DON'T. There's nothing in the rules that say you MUST read every post ever made!

Night One
It was a beautiful day on New Earth. I stood beside Chakotay watching the sunrise. We stood very close, his arm around me.
He turned to me and said, "Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day."
"Most of them are, especially with you to share them," I smiled up at him, and he returned my smile, dimple showing.
Going about our usual routine, I walked into the forest to study the nature around me and see about our humane traps. He went into our new home, he was finding all sorts of creative things to occupy his time. Resently he had done some sand art of a sunrise, I took it happily and hung it up in our living room.
I met this cute little primate I wanted to make him our pet, but he had other ideas. Everytime he got near enough to touch, he'd run. I fed him several times and Chakotay chided me for using our food for a native who knew how to forage for himself.
Then a shadow crossed my path. It was HIM, the one who had hurt me as a child. I screamed for Chakotay, running along the path to our home.
Chakotay ran out to meet me. He scooped up my hystarical form and comforted me.
"Sshhh, he's not here, Ann, it's just us. Why don't you come inside. I'll make you some tea."
For some reason he had taken to calling me Ann most called me Annie, Dee, or Deanna. I loved the fact he was trying to make me feel at home.
I sat at our table and looked at his side, he was working on another sand art, it was a face, I couldn't make out who it was at this point.
"Here," he placed a cup of cooling jasmine tea in front of me, "Why don't you start staying around the camp. When you go off alone evil always finds you."
"I need to understand our new home. I can't live here and not know anything."
Chakotay began rubbing my shoulders, "Just relax Ann. I'll go with you next time. Art is getting a bit boring."
"MMmm, but your art is so beatiful."
"Not as beautiful as you," he whispered as he rubbed the knots of fear away.
An old song of Fleetwood Mac came to my lips, "Listen to the wind on the water / Listen to the waves upon the shore / Try to sleep, sleep won't come / Just as I begin to fade // Then I remember / When the moon was full and bright / I would take you in the darkness / And do the tango in the night / Tango... // I keep the dream in my pocket / Never let it fade away / Inside, outside / No loneliness in this dream // Then I remember // When the moon was full and bright / I would take you in the darkness / And do the tango in the night / Tango... "
I could hear the smile in his voice as I finished, "You have the silkiest voice, I've ever heard."
Blushing I replied, "Thanks Chakotay."
"Would you like to dance?"
"I'd love it," I let him lead me outside and we really did do the Tango in the Night. Hugging him close as we finished I looked up at him.
"Thank you, you make all the darkness go away."
"That's the point," he looked as if he were going to kiss me, then the alarm rang.
I knew it was time to put away the memory. As the song said "Keep the dream in my pocket, never let it fade away."

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