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Just Read "To Reign in Hell"


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Report this Mar. 16 2008, 4:13 pm

There many who says that the extended universe of Star Trek fiction isn't canon. Well, maybe not but if something deserves to Be it's certainly "To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Kahn Noonien Singh"
First of all, It's a great stand alone adventure. you don't have to read either of the previous two books to enjoy it (although you may want to re-watch Space Seed and ST II The Wrath of Kahn)
while trying not to give away any spoilers here's the General premise
Kirk, Spock and McCoy along with Sulu travel to Ceti Alpha V immediately after the events in Star Trek IV (the Enterprise-A is in spacedock being prepared by Scotty) The beam downand explore the cargo pods that were connected into the rough shelter that Checkov and Terrell discovered a relative year earlier. while examining the former quarters of their enemy Kahn, they discover Kahn's Journal and Marla McGivers' personal historical tapes that describe to them the events between the end of Space Seed to Wrath of Kahn.
I was absorbed completely into this book. (I haven't gone Cover to cover on a book like this since i read Time for Yesterday the night before my English Mid-Term in '89)
Greg Cox does a great job of portraying everyone's character dead on to what they were, as well as referencing events in previous stories. (some of these occur in Cox's Rise and Fall volumes but You won't feel lost if you haven't read them through)
In all, the story was great and gives you a greater sympathy for Kahn who despite is passionate resentment against Kirk, is very much the hero in this adventure.

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