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"The most repugnant of species in the Galaxy..."


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Report this Feb. 24 2008, 3:58 pm

The USS Discovery was dispatched on a ¿routine¿ colony assessment to Idran IV. It was a new ship, with a new crew, but it didn¿t take us long to realise that something was badly wrong.

Mysterious unauthorised engineering teams upgraded the ship¿s sickbay before her departure, and subsequently all attempts to trace them were blocked with a top-level security lockout.

Someone, somewhere was trying to stop us from finding out about our real mission.

But why?

We continued, and we found the colony. Or what was left of it.

We found survivors too, in such a mentally disturbed state that they spoke only of ¿them¿ and how they were coming. Suffice to say; they came, and it was our turn to encounter ¿them¿.

Who are they?

What are they?

From where did they come?

These three questions have been all but answered in our story, and we invite you to read it at and find out about the crisis of faith, trust and integrity the entire crew of the Discovery now faces.

However, there are many more unanswered questions, and if you like what you see, then perhaps you could help us give an answer to them?  

If you feel you can, then don¿t hesitate to fill in an application at

One thing¿s for sure: this isn¿t the last we¿ll see of ¿them¿.

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