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USS Enterprise NCC - 1701-G


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Hey you sound like you could be the answer to the problem, just click this link and fill out everything, the more detail the better.  If everything is not filled out the application will not be accepted:


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I like simms to be fun and interesting...I've never applied for a simm where you need to spend 3 hours filling in an application. The reason being I have a life elsewhere and simming is a way of de-stressing...if I get stressed over having to cross the 't's' and dot the 'i's' in a simm would freak me out!

Hell, i'm on simms where the bio hasn't been done by moi yet!

I was on a simm once (it wasn't a ST one) and each post had to be a minimum of 25 lines..!

Needless to say, I was a member for a week then resigned!!

It's quality, not quantity....and i'm afraid the same goes for bio's in my opinion. Also, making statements about the type of poster is off too. some people have problems with grammar and spelling etc. due to no fault of their own, and to state they are not welcome, as I've seen before, is neither morally correct or fair.


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Hmmm you are right in your opinion, rpging is for fun.  But it isn't fun for the other players on the SIMM, when they can't understand a word of your post.  Plus storylines get messed up because players  not understanding what the poster posted.  

When I want the bio's filled I don't want them made like thesis or something.  I just want them filled, I'm not good at bios either and I'm not going to put people through so much trouble.  But filling out the bio shows me that the player that joins is really interested in rpging on my Simm and would most likely be a dedicated member.  

Besides nobody likes a crappy looking site and bad grammer is one of the things that make it look that way.


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Quote (Shuttle @ Mar. 06 2008, 6:40 pm)
Quote (robjkay @ Feb. 28 2008, 8:03 pm)
Quote (robjkay @ Feb. 25 2008, 4:37 pm)
Quote (scottie1789 @ Feb. 19 2008, 9:38 am)
I never said the area was unshielded. ?Everyone knows that a shielded part of a ship, the torpedo has no effect. ?So if we just took off piece of the shielding then only that part would have been hit, theorictally speaking.

How can you say if a portion of a ship is shielded that a Tri-cobalt torpedo would not have any effect?

A Tri-cobalt device is a weapon used to take out large space stations, so using it to plug up a hole on your warp core thats inside your ship would simply destroy your whole ship.

I see there is no answer for this. ?:eyesroll:

Only, apparently, a very fanboyish and ignorant one.


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