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Star Fleet Technical Manual


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Report this Feb. 11 2008, 7:30 pm

I have been searching the internet for information regarding a manual that my dad gave me. It's titled "Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual". Now the only ones that I'm able to find have a price located in the lower right hand corner. Now mine doesn't have a price on it but it does indicate on the second page that it's a 1st edition STARDATE 7511.01. Plus it has a letter that is loose seemingly from the Star Fleet Command approving this print version. The letter has 4 numbered paragraphs describing the manual and the letter is dated 7512.02. Now my questions:
Does this a letter that comes with every manual?
Why doesn't mine have a price printed on the front of the manual? I think I remember my dad ordering it through the mail.
I've found alot of them listed as 1st edition.
Is mine a true first edition and how scarce is it



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Report this Feb. 11 2008, 7:33 pm

welcome to the boards, and just to let you know, theres plenty of other threads out there that you can post in, so come chat. maybe you can be one of the n00bs that stays. :cool:


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Thanks. I guess you could say that I'm a closet trekkie. I have a couple of other collectibles such as a Spock clock, which is about 4 feet from me, a coffee mug that is probably 31 years old that has Kirk, Spock and McCoy on it along with the Enterprise and a Bird of Prey on it. I have a picture of the Enterprise which is also around 30+ years old. I use to have all of the original action figures and the bridge of the Enterprise. The bridge was pretty cool and if I remember right it had a transporter that you put the action figure in one side, spun it and pushed a button and the figure could exit out the other side. I sold the action figures and bridge along time ago at a garage sale of all things. I wish I would have kept them. I took a beating at that sale because I also sold all of the original Star Wars figures with collectible stand. Ugh!!


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Report this Feb. 20 2008, 10:16 pm

Is your manual a red softcover that slides into a black vinyl jacket with gold lettering on the front? If you have just the book itself and not the black vinyl jacket, then you're missing a critical piece. I have a first edition myself. There is no printed price anywhere and it does have the letter.
How scarce is it? Somewhat. Does that really matter? Not especially. Trek is nowhere near as popular as it once was, say in the mid-90's, and the collectible market has really softened. People often wonder what their Trek memorabilia is worth, and the only true answer is whatever the market will bring. Sadly these days that's oftentimes very little. TOS era stuff seems increasingly unpopular. Anyone hoping to get rich from selling their Trek collection is going to be very disappointed.

One of the best places to get a feel for the market is Ebay. I've seen first edition Starfleet manuals for $10 that nobody bids on. 15 years ago it might have sold easily for well over $100. That Mego bridge set you had years ago (which is way cool btw) has gone for a couple hundred bucks with its original box in very good shape. Again, 15-20 years ago, any of the old Mego toys ESPECIALLY if they had the original box, were worth ridiculous amounts of money. Some of the Star Trek Mego stuff still sells high but that's more because Mego is still collectible, less so because it's Star Trek. Course if you go to a convention, you'll see collectibles selling (and quickly) for 5 or 6 times what they'd bring in anywhere else like Ebay, antique shops, etc..


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Some of the few things that maintain their value and may increase slightly as you add to the collection is the Hallmark ornaments that come out every year.  The very first Enterprise that came out over 15 years ago can be pricey and as you add to the collection it can only add to the total value.  As lancelot said you're not going to get rich off of any of it anymore.  Maybe when TOS hits 50 in another 9 years or so.


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I have one as well. It is complete along with a autograph from Scotty! I have seen ones like it on ebay. As stated in another post they are not woth very much right now, maybe mine might be worth more with the signature?

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