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Star Trek Ships of the line


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Quote (Dare7 @ Jan. 23 2008, 12:44 pm)
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Quote (Dare7 @ Jan. 22 2008, 9:25 am)
?I hope it's a good movie, no matter what, but if they ignore canon, fine. ?If they ignore canon and have Nimoy playing an aged Spock, that's goofy. ?But, hey, it's just a movie. ?

What? Who else would Nimoy be playing? Kirk?

What? Who else would Nimoy be playing? Kirk?

Whow else would Richard (Apollo of TOS Battlestar Galactica) Hatch play?  Answer: Tom Zerek in the re-booted/re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.  It's a nod to TOS B.G.  AND, there was never a question of whether the new B.G. was a continuation or a reboot.  It was/is definitely a reboot.  J.J. Abrams' so-called new Star Trek is ambiguous at best as to whether it's a reboot or continuation (flashback of canon material).  It appears he is attempting to do both.  My point is if it's a total re-boot/re-imagining and Nimoy is it, he shouldn't be playing (an aged) Spock.  That is what I call a bait-and-switch.  Now, he could play Sarek (although that's already cast), or how about Surak as a flashback or something.  If it's a reboot, then have the balls to say it's a reboot and don't attempt to pull in old fans with the impression it's a continuation of the canon saga and then sneak in a new version of the Enterprise.  That's my opinion and all I'm saying, my friend.   ;)

See, that's one thing I agree with... it's getting freaking confusing with Hollywood writers and producers throwing around the newest "In" buzzword: reboot

I was reading about the new Hulk movie coming out this summer, link is here: The Incredible Hulk

"The Incredible Hulk is a 2008 superhero film based on the fictional Marvel Comics character the Hulk. It is directed by Louis Leterrier and stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth and William Hurt. Norton also wrote the script, after a draft by Zak Penn. Penn said the film is a sequel to 2003's Hulk, but it will be different enough to also be considered a reboot."

What?   :question:   So it's BOTH?
Again, it's a matter of waiting for the movie to be released, watch it, and judge for my/yourself... but still, until then, confusing is the word.


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Oh, and sorry to contribute to this post hijack.   :laugh:

Ships of the Line is a cool looking book... I don't own it, but flipped thru it at the bookstore, some nice stuff in there.


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Hehehe..the post seems to have wandered..

I've not had a chance to see the Ships of the line book, but I got the 2008 calendar through today.

Must admit to being disappointed..haven't had a trek calendar for a while now, and thought i'd go with this one.
But theres nowhere to write notes on the actual calendar, and its a landscape format, so it doesn't fit on my wall :O

Wasn't that impressed with the artwork either sadly..i'd not seen the ships of the line calendars before, so I figured there'd be a decent shot of the ships from each of the series, with a couple of extras thrown in. Bit of a bummer really.
The shots would be nice in the book no doubt, but when you're only getting 13 calendar shots it'd be nice if they were the main ships. Ah well.

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