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"Past 'V' Present"


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Report this Jan. 19 2008, 4:15 pm

In 2161 history records the launch of the last NX Class vessel, NX-07 Discovery. Her first assignment was to travel to a distant Federation Colony called Nevada to establish the loss of communications. She never made it. The ship was reported missing, lost with all hands, no trace of her was ever found. Untill that is today....

On the 12th January 2381 Stardate: 57520.427, USS Scimitar detected a massive fluctuation in the space time continuum. On investigating the readings, what it whitnessed solved a 220 year old mystery, the Discovery had been thrown through time in 2161 and brought into the present, 2381 to be exact.

So here is your chance to take part in a rather unique game idea. Your a member of the Discovery crew, you were born over 200 years ago, all your family and friends you knew are gone, your in an almost alien universe, you have to adapt to 220 years of history, change and developments. Can you survive and explore space as you were trained to do and still be misplaced in time?


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