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"Star Trek Generations" Jacket to evaluate/to sell


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Report this Jan. 19 2008, 10:56 am


I won 2 Jackets many many years ago... and I find it in my garage yesteday (well packed).

So, I want to know (if it is possible of course !;) the estimation about theses 2 jackets "Star Trek Generations" (size "L" and size "XL") with embroidered badges.

They are NEW (never wear).

Of course, if you're interrested, you can do me a proposition !

Thanks a lot in advance.


PS : Sorry for my "English"... I'm a French Astronaut ;o))


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Report this Jan. 23 2008, 5:12 pm

hi email me at i would chat on the jackets price with you i m interseted!

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