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Wasn't Wesley Crusher supposed to be on the Titan?


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In the beginning of the "Nemesis" movie (Extended version---out takes I think)---Wesley is in attendance at Troy and Riker's wedding---and it is definitely pointed out that he will be on the Titan.
I know I am a small minority here---but I liked Wesley and was hoping to see a well written version of him in the Titan series---but he was absent from the first three...


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If it was deleted from the movie, then it didn't occur. That's why it's called "deleted." It was included on the DVD with the rest of the special features, in case you want to see extra stuff.

Since Wesley was never shown in the actual movie with the crew of the Titan, he didn't actually join. As far as Star Trek books go, he was all over the "A Time To..." series, and as far as I remember is still acting as a Traveller.


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Well... just to be a nit-picky Trekker----I am pretty sure Wesley WAS actually in the movie---though his speaking part (alluding to Titan) was dropped. If you look really hard---he is in one of the Head Wedding Table shots seated next to his mother.

It sickens me that I actually know this...


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And Madden isn't on the Enterprise either, the first officer is (the more sensible choice of) Worf.

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