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2008 Star Trek Christmas Ornaments


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^ Due to Hallmark's required lead time, the earliest we're likely to see an ornament from the new film is for the 2009 season. Whatever's on tap for this year, Hallmark would've had to put into process at least six months ago.


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Quote (Sybok33 @ Jan. 13 2008, 12:03 pm)
I want a multi part Classic TOS bridge sold in seperate boxes that conect to form the bridge of the Enterprise. Also with lights and sound!

Now that would be really cool! :cool:


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2007 Future Enterprise

This is on sale $8.00 :cool:


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I'd pass on the alternate future Ent-D, this would look cool on the ol' Xmas tree.


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I think we need SHRAN from enterprise :cool:  or K-7 space station.


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2008-HOW about some minitures of enterprise nx1701/ncc1701 pilot 1/2......or vulcan ships/ Mark leonard as the commander or spocks father


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I wouldn't mind a old style Klingon D-7 battlecruiser, or romulan bird of prey, even a Cardassian Galor class ship, but please please please, no more Enterprises for a few years.......PLEASE lol


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If Uhura sold out quickly, why haven't other minor characters been made? Can someone explain to me why there is not one complete collection of figurines for a series? There is a Picard, Riker, Data, and Worf, but no LeForge, Dr. Crusher, and Com. Troi. This runs through all the series! A character is always missing! Or is this the great joke of Hallmark?!


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I wouldn't mind a complete series collection of characters...of course not all released at once, but just enough to whet our whistle.


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Or how about a TOS Enterprise tree topper with working lights and sounds?  :)

That would be kind of cool..

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