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ST:TOS  hd-dvd or blu ray  or what???


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Quote (kirkkid7 @ Jan. 18 2008, 2:02 am)
Blu-ray own's hd-dvd's a$$. it's way better. :cool:

I can't resist commenting...

I personally think HD-DVD is better. It's cheaper and more stable. And that for me is everything, I don't care that Blu-ray can hold a little more information.

It's a pity that the corporations have stepped in and chosen Blu-ray as the winner of the format war. HD-DVD was outselling Blu-ray, so clearly consumers wanted it to win...

10 GB (or 20 on a double layer disc) a more than "a little more".


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Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are nearly identical in how well the picture is

They are identical.

So are standard DVDs! :laugh:

Standard DVDs identical to HD-DVD and Blu-ray? No way man. The difference is HUGE.

Huge is way overstating it. Better yes. But like so many, you make it sound like going from B&W to color. Now THAT was huge!

It's fives times better than the SD used in North America. That's pretty huge IMO. But, of course, you're right the introduction of colour was bigger. I just get sssoooooo excited by new technologies.

New tech is just new tech to me.


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both are still too expensive to invest in!   :laugh:

So neither wins with me.  Well, yet.


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