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Since this is the "Books & Products" section, I believe this goes here.

Ok, first off, did they ever make a Star Fleet, Star Fleet Academy, or Star Trek jacket for sale?  And I don't mean something that just has "Star Fleet" or something like that embroidered on a normal jacket.  I mean something that looks like it's from one of the series or movies.

If so, does anyone here have a link to a place where I could get one?


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Try this site: Warp One

They carry just about everything uniform wise.


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Yes, uniforms are up for sale. The above post has a link to one website offering these. Here's a link to an eBay search:

When I have seen people wearing these at conventions or events, I notice that the fit leaves much to be desired. I can't recall seeing a single  person wearing a uniform that seemed to fit.

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