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Which Quadrant Do You Prefer Simming In?


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I like Delta cause its a new horizon on which I could make new ideas and new things to discover.


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Quote (Captain_Kayzek_Juno_TGCO @ Jan. 02 2008, 2:43 am) rather deal with the Cardies personally lol

Has everyone forgotten about us Romulans? We all feel so left out.  :laugh:


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The Romulans aren't really a threat...yeah youve got your Valdores...but after the ENT-E beat the Scimitar...what chances does a Valdore (which essentially is just a faster more maneuverable D'Deridex) have?


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I love the alpha quadrent and It needs protecting plus it's alot of fun to be there


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I enjoy the Alpha, just because it seems like every simm I've seen in any other quadrent is either far fetched or far to militaristic for me.

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