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ZF's Last Shot


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Sorry to post so many topics on this matter, but seeing as how will close anyway soon  :angry:  than I suppose this is one last shot in the dark.

ZF incase you haven't already figured out, is Zodiac Fleet. This idea I can credit to borg33 on here. I was needing a fleet to start and he generated the idea, however, now I need personnel. Your service to ZF would be minimal, or rather as much as you put into it. We are young yes, but everything starts from somewhere. You probably have seen a lot of my post on here and figured ah..just another one, but this time the site is finished. I am in need of a JAG though. I've tried marketing approaches to advertising......and no luck. So I am going to be just straight up honest. This fleet is not about control factor, if that were the case I would have made myself a Flt. Adm. its about haveing fun, yes I know Aquarius is in SMS format, but if you want a forum ship to sim on, just let me know. I have probably simmed with many of you on here before, and if I haven't then let me know and I will try to in the future  :). However, I must admit that if ZF does not start growing soon then we are in trouble. It's a free sim, lots o fun, and you can even sign up as cannon charaters for all I care.....well maybe not the important ones but you get it. Well I hope most of you will read this and at least give the site a complete look over, and please if you want to suggest anything that you feel would make the site more attractive email it to

Until then, Live Long and Prosper

PS, just read that they were keeping the site up.......although I expect it is only a matter of time before it does cloase one day, after all poor Pirate Master didn't even stand a chance.....nor did Enterprise  :(


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ahh could you please ad the site link.


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sorry, its here

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