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Best Star Trek Game


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What is the best Star Trek game right now to play?


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Elite Force series


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Starfleet command 3


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I gotta say Encounters


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Elite Force Series, Starfleet Command III and Bridge Commander. Especially with the Kobayashi Maru add-on. Perhaps even Armada series and Away Team, but the first three I mentioned are the 'top'.


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Armada II


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I'd have to say, Armada II as well.
It offered more gameplay than any other Star Trek game I've played. I really enjoyed all the micro-management and upgrading. Star Trek Conquest should've been more like that.


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Starfleet Command 2.  Some elements got left out, but a lot more got added in.  Think there was a TOS conversion for it (I know there was for the original SFC, and again for SFC3) which really gives those games more of a Starfleet Battles feeling... besides just having overall better designed ships.

Apart from that, really enjoyed the Elite Forces series.  I wish there was a conversion for the original EF to update its texture and game engine to EF2, because frankly I enjoyed the original more, the fact that it played exactly like a real episode of Voyager.


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birth of the federation and star trek legacy


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Two good games


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Gotta say Armada 2. Although I never managed to download any TOS/Movie era ships unfortunately. Would have been good though.


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Legacy,bridge commander


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Quote (Datafan10 @ Feb. 06 2008, 5:57 am)
... and star trek legacy

I cannot believe it! I'm one of the few that liked it, but I definitely would not categorize it as one of the best.

Bridge Commander FTW!!!  (Even better with KM 1.0)


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Borth of the Federation, Starfleet Academy


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Original Elite Force
Fantastic game  :)

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