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Picard and Crushers love.


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Who amongst us knows
what transpires behind
closed doors? But if that
were to be explored fully
in some novel, I'm sure it
would not set the world on
fire. Though, I've often
suspected that Doctor Crusher
enjoys a bit of kink, myself.


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Quote: its_a_parsec_long_ladies @ Oct. 28 2007, 12:29 pm

I think it was better and more exciting when their love was secret. Now we have to read about old people making out YUUUCCCKK!!!!

Rrriigghhhttt... Anyways, it was a nice storyline carried from TNG. Their love for each other finally fulfilled.

I supposed you hate every other love story in Star Trek history?

Riker and Troi? Worf and Dax? Paris and Torres? Sisko and Yates? Kira and Odo?

Picard and Crusher are human being who love each other. If you hate it, here's a tip: skip it. LOL ;-P

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