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Will you buy Star Trek XI merchandise?


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Quote (Targallian @ Oct. 22 2007, 11:18 am)
Quote (Josh_Lyman @ Oct. 23 2007, 4:14 am)
Of course I will. I already have a prelimanary movie poster. It is a large white poster with Star Trek lettering in the TOS style and the release date.

Yeah, I have the poster they were giving away in Vegas. Actually, I have two, since my wife got one as well.



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I try to buy as much Trek stuff as I can get, so I do plan to buy Trek XI stuff


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Of course I would buy something. I've bought many collectables and other merchandise over the years.  Just add it to my collection.


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I'll buy the novel, and the dvd when it comes out, but other than that I stopped collecting Trek merchandise years ago.


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I have too much ST crap now. I really don't need or want anymore. I still want Indy Jones stuff, and I will buy those!


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If I like it it will enter my collection .

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