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Creation is not going to come here and read these posts.  If you want to tell Creation your thoughts and opinions you need to go to their Site and E-mail Gary and/or Adam.  Adam spent the whole weekend asking people to E-mail him suggestions so if you want changes then E-mail them directly at: or  They both put their E-mail addresses on the first page of the program.  If enough people complain to them directly they will most likely make changes.

As far as the Robbie Duncan McNeil signature is concerned Creation promises Gold Package 12 autographs.  RDM was 13 so in fact they didn't need to give us a substitute as they have in the past when there were only 12 and RDM canceled (it would have been nice of them to do it.... wait what am I saying Creation doing something nice???).

Now as to my impressions on this particular convention:
- After 5 years of metal backed chairs they finally gave Gold padded back chairs.  They also spread the chairs out and actually gave us leg room.  This was a vast improvement.

- Gold party: The line was long (we got in line 20-30 minutes early) but once they actually opened it moved pretty fast.  By the time I got my food and sat down I didn't notice a long line to get in.  The food lines took a while but based on years past I thought it went very quick.  This year they actually gave us Quark menu items - Targ ribs (not flaming but it was a buffet), pipius claw and they finally gave us Prime rib which is a step up.  My main gripe is that there is limited seating.  They took out the extra chairs and tables this year and put the standing tables back in.  After standing in lines all day standing to eat isn't my idea of a good time.  I was able to get my food, eat at a leisurely pace and go on both rides by a little after 10:00PM so basically 2 hours.  I didn't see the entertainment (George Takei singing isn't on the top of my list to see) but I did ride up in the elevator with Walter Koenig at about 10:15 so I don't think it should have been that hard to get to both rides even if you did watch the entertainment.  It has always seemed to me that the Friday party has always had a better Entertainment line up then the Thursday party but that's just my opinion.

-  Autograph lines:  The wait has seemed to have gotten longer the last couple of years.  I do want to point out that Brent Spiner wasn't included in the Gold so they didn't add to your wait for him and Frakes.  I had 154/157 for Spiner/Frakes and they stopped calling for the longest time after 150 so that one did take awhile.  In the past they have been pretty good about putting the ticket numbers up on the side screen but they were real sporadic about it this year.  As a matter of fact I finally got thru Spiner/Frakes just as Avery Brooks started singing on stage.  The biggest problem, at least it seemed to me, was they kept putting people in the line when it wasn't even moving.  Another problem with the lines is the special needs group.  I don't have a particular problem with them going first but it seems that as the weekend goes on that line seems to get longer because each special needs person seemed to have more than one person going up with them (I noticed "Tenesee" (I think that is what we called him - the guy dressed in orange so his wife could find him) in the special needs line on Sunday night).  I also think there should be a limit on the number of autographs you can get.  When I went up for the Terry Farrell / Dominic Keating Gold signing the person in front of me had his Gold card and 20 or more autograph tickets for Terry Farrell.  I've gotten at most I think 3 at one time from any one guest.  Getting more than 20 will really slow down a line and I think the person should be considered a dealer and get a seperate signing.  I think things could be better scheduled but at the same time there are a lot of variables that go into it.  For example Dominic Keating was scheduled for the breakfast at 8am, photos at 3:15, on stage at 4:25, more photos at 5:10 than autographs at 5:45.  Now it seems that there was a lot of time for him to sign between breakfast and first photos but other people were scheduled to sign autographs before him and we don't know when he was signing autographs for Creation (they have to fill that table some how). It didn't take much time to get Vaughn Armstrong's sig but he was alone.  When they do multiple people it always take longer (although Denise Crosby took forever last year but that was because she was actually talking to the people getting her sig).  In the big scheme of things I really only NEED to get 3 more autographs: Jeri Ryan, Jolene Blalock and John Billingsley (I have signed pictures of both Blalock and Billingsley I just need them to complete my Enterprise cast picture).  In the future I'll be real selective about who I stand in line for.  I realize that doesn't apply to all but it does mean I probably won't be taking up space in future lines.

Overall I would say that the biggest problem, as always it seems,  were the long lines.  The one positive thing about the lines this year is I actually talked to the people around me.  I'm not usually real talkative with people I don't know but I decided to take a chance and actually talk to someone other than my brother.  So something good can come out of long  lines (although I'm not sure the people who had to listen to me might agree).  In talking to Gary the plan with adding an extra day is to have the same number of guest but spread them out and give them a little more time onstage.  In theory you would think that this would help with the length/speed of lines but only time will tell.  If any of you read any of my posts prior to the convention I indicated that I wasn't going to get Gold for next year but based on how things went this year (and the fact that the convention price with an added day at $676 was less than last years web price $689) I changed my mind.  It may just be because I've been going for 6 years but I thought this years pacing was really relaxed.  Could it have been better, sure but things can always go better.


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I would never buy Gold. Standing in line for autographs isn't worth it. Photo-ops, yes. That's why I would buy Captain's Chair. I've heard their MUCH more relaxed.


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I don't buy Gold for the Autographs.  I buy it for the location of the seats, a dinner party/access to the experience and a night of entertainment (Saturday events).  If I choose to stand in a line for an autograph that is an extra.  Neither Jolene Blalock nor Jeri Ryan are likely ever to be included in the Gold Package and they are 2 of the 3 I really need to get.  If someone is offered that I'm willing to stand in line for then I'll get it (I had Anthony Montgomery resign my Enterprise cast picture because he had signed it a couple of years ago in black in a dark portion of the picture.  So his being included was a beni for me).  The real thing about Gold is that it is the only way you actually have the ability to choose (if you buy them at the convention) your seats.


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Quote (juise15 @ Aug. 15 2007, 10:20 pm)
Well I can answer the one about Dominic...he was  DRUNK... :)

:D  :D  :D

He sure was Drunk!!!  Poor Conner couldn't get but just a few words in!


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This was my first con and reading all the posts made me glad that I purchased 4 photo-ops and not autographs. I really did not miss anything and even went into the Doohan room for the special effects segement, (which I found fascinating). The only problem I had was the fact that I had purchased a Captians ticket and received Preferred Admission...of course I never checked the ticket until I was on line to go in...anyway, that's another story. Meeting all of the fans and making new friends made it so much more for me. Will I do it again?...don't know. This was on my list of things to do


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Quote (Garak_is_my_hero @ Aug. 17 2007, 5:02 pm)
Quote (juise15 @ Aug. 15 2007, 10:20 pm)
Well I can answer the one about Dominic...he was ¿DRUNK... :)

:D ¿:D ¿:D

He sure was Drunk!!! ¿Poor Conner couldn't get but just a few words in!

Drunk?  REally???  Too far away to tell!  LOL!!!  But yeah, Connor had very little to say.


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Yeah I thought Dominic was buzzed too. Though when he went to the back of the stage to pour more of his drink( not sure if it was beer or wine) was kind of a tip off. Still funny as hell though. Not only could Conner not get a word in but I sensed he was alittle embarassed by Dominic and didn't want to say a whole lot. He had kind of a " Dominic, shut up before you say something you might regret" kind of look on him. Got some good pics of them though. Wish the lighting was a little better but good none the less :)


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I don't do the autographs/photos but I know people were really ticked about the lines.

Limited stage time for the actors is a problem but next year w/5 days -- supposedly, they'll be on longer.

At least the theatre wasn't as freezing as last year.:D


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I was actually worried about the photo lines, but then there was nothing to fear.  For Kate Mulgrew, I think I waited 10 minutes?  That wasn't bad at all, considering I thought I'd be waiting all day.  I didn't have to wait in line at all for my photo op with Rene Auberjonois!  The autograph lines, on the other hand, I heard were atrocious!  I had a Captain's Chair ticket, but my friend had Gold, and she did nothing but wait wait wait, because she had the free autographs that come with Gold.

I came prepared with a sweater, so if the theater got cold, I could put on my sweater.  :-)


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Any convention I go to I only get gold, the price is worth sitting up close and the dessert parties and the cabaret shows. I wouldn't go to a con at all if I couldn't get the gold tickets.


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Dominic was at a local convention and afterwards they went a banquet hall at a hotel and have snacks for free, then you buy drinks. I stayed for about an hour and he definitely a heavy partier. I'm sure he was drunk by the end of the night.

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