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Creation Las  Vegas


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Well I decided to start a post concerning our concerns and such from the Las Vegas con.  

But on a side note, many of us in starfleet and klingon cotumes gathered Saturday (I believe) in the lobby area for a pretty massive photo.  I was wondering if anyone had any of those and could post them.

Getting back to the question at hand:  I wish that Wil Wheaton had been in the main room, there are other things but I will wait for some of you to post.


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What I found annoying was the amount of time spent waiting for signings. ¿There were instances throughout the days that no one signed and if Creations used that "down time" to have guest sign, then there would not have been such long waits. ¿An example was the Saturday or Friday night signing of Dominic Keatings. ¿He could have signed during the day and then there would not have been such a long line at night for him.

Also, I don't know why I even bothered buying the Gold pass for since anyone with a "conflict" with another event had priority. ¿Creations needs to work on better scheduling events, and I don't think making it 5 days long will solve the problem.

Note- I also did not like the fact Gold members was not compensated for Robbie Duncan McNeill not showing up.


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i had to stand in line for 2:30 hr to get terry farrell but i understood since she told us on stage she had not done one in 5 years, so the line was expected, i was very mad on sunday with the line for nicole de boer and armin shimerman 3:00 hours i will give my report in a diferent post of my experience, 3 hours in line wow, i was not mad a the stars because they are doing the best they can, i was mad with how creation did the line for signatures for example if you had tickets for armin and nicole you had to stay in line and then they would call "only the ones with 1 ticket for nicole"  come with me and they would take them to the front of the line and every 2 or 3 people with 2 tickets they would put a nicole person in line, it made no sence because now not only were you last in line, now you had them puting people that are behind you in front of you. i was so mad with what they were doing


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If you ever have a photo-op again, get there at least 10 minutes BEFORE the said time. After that, the line moves quickly, since the pictures are very fast. I did two photo-ops, one for Kate Mulgrew. I got there 15 minutes early, and was near the front. I spent only about 30 minutes in line for Mulgrew.


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Yeah, definitely don't be late for a photo op!  My friend was only a few mins. late for Jeffrey Combs, and they basically said tough luck.  She ended up getting an Armin Shimmerman photo op to replace that, but she got lucky.  You're not guaranteed to get a replacement, and it says that in the policy too, that you get no refund or exchanges if you miss your photo op.


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Thats why i dont bother with photo ops.


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I find it pretty ridiculous that they charge for a photograph! Most of the small conventions will allow you to take your own pictures with the stars, but Creation doesnt even give you the option.


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Quote (SpaceGirl76 @ Aug. 14 2007, 5:40 pm)
Yeah, definitely don't be late for a photo op!  My friend was only a few mins. late for Jeffrey Combs, and they basically said tough luck.  She ended up getting an Armin Shimmerman photo op to replace that, but she got lucky.  You're not guaranteed to get a replacement, and it says that in the policy too, that you get no refund or exchanges if you miss your photo op.

I'm the guilty friend and they let me take another photo with Armin :) but the lines were way too long for the was absurd!  I would have enjoyed it much more if I hadn't spent seven or eight hours waiting in lines for autographs!


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A couple of the actors signing autographs in the vendor room told me that it would be their last Creation convention because it wasn't worth their time to work with Creation.  That's kinda sad b/c there were a nice group of folks signing autographs out there.


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Quote (DennisonPaul @ Aug. 15 2007, 9:10 pm)
A couple of the actors signing autographs in the vendor room told me that it would be their last Creation convention because it wasn't worth their time to work with Creation. ¿That's kinda sad b/c there were a nice group of folks signing autographs out there.

Who said that?... just so I know who I'll be missing next year.  :-(


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Overall I had a great time and got some great autographs for my collection. The only photo op I had was the group shot with Takei, Nichols and Keonig. I'm glad that I had not planned to do more because I would have missed alot of speakers.

My big problem with the autograph lines was that the Creations people started out calling rows and then stopped keeping track of it. And on top of that, rude people would jump into line way before their row or number. As someone else has already posted, it took 3 hours of standing in line for deBoer, Shimmerman and Montgomery. Why get the "gold ticket, first in line called row by row" when it take three hours for people at the end of the gold ticket holders and everyone else finished about 20 minutes later.

When I was at the Vulkon Columbus con, they were kind of Nazi-ish about autograph lines for Brooks and Mulgrew. Although we were annoyed at the time, at this event, we were wishing that Creations would micromanage the ticket line like that.

And yes, I also agree that Wil Wheaton and Malachi Throne should have been in the main room. That was somewhat annoying.

But on a good note, I enjoyed all of the guest. ¿I finally finished my cast photo of the original crew that was about 13 years old (luckily I had Kelley and Doohan on it) and even had D.C. Fontana and Nicholas Meyer sign it. That alone was worth the trip. The Okudas were very nice and they let me get a picture with them. And even Braga signed an Enterprise cast photo that I'm working on.

And of course, we met alot of really great people, which is just as important as anything else.


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As a first-timer to Vegas for a Creation con I was both happy and unhappy with the way this even ran.  Granted I didn't spend as much as the gold members etc, but we did spend $314 for our tickets and while it got me close to the front (about 10 rows back--thanks to VIP seating and Gold Seating), I was so far on the outside (near the far isle) that I barely saw anything of the stars and even then only from the sidelines.  Naturally, my camera was all but useless.  

Speaking of cameras, I couldn't even bring a camcorder to the costume contest, what gives with that?  I could understand them not allowing camcorders to tape the stars but the costume contest?????

And DANG!!!!!  The prices in the restaurant and the food area outside the Barron Center were downright ridiculous.  $3 for a small bottle of water?  $2.50 for a cookie.  A breakfast sandwich, a small bottle of juice, and some yogurt, cost me $14.  Sandwiches were $7.  And of course the food at the various restaurants was about $8 more than any comparable restaurant back here where I live.  After a while, because I didn't have a car and was pretty much limited to the hotel, I'd buy a big breakfast, not eat all day, then get a dinner, split that and save 1/2 for lunch the next day.  

And of course that $314 ticket (I bought one for my husband who wound up too sick to go in addition to my ticket) was pretty darn high for a distant view of the stage and no additional perks except the concert which I missed waiting on lines forever to get into a restaurant.  And as others have pointed out, the lines were ridiculous.  Between the photo op people who were moved to the front of the line, and the gold ticket folks, and then the special needs people, my 0003 ticket for Brent Spiner put me, in actuality, about 50th in the line.  Some times they'd call us up to stand in line but other times, they'd just take the ticket holders with 1-50 and then call everyone up and if you sat on the 'wrong side' of the auditorium, you could end up near the end of the line even if you had ticket #60.  And sorry but the prices for the autographs was also pretty high.  I found it a bit distressing.  Not all of use make huge bucks and can afford to shell out $50-$75 for autographs after spending money for the rooms, for the food, and for the tickets (plus plane fare).  

I agree with someone else, I liked the guests who signed autographs in the dealers room.  I don't begrudge them anything that they charged for their autograph.  They most likely paid their own way there, so this was their 'living' and I felt they were reasonable about it all.  For a $20 you got to chat with them, take free photos with them, and got the photo without paying extra for it.  I had more fun with those actors than I did with many of the scheduled guests.  

Creation Con made sure you bought their photos for the autograph sessions with the Trek Stars. Not a lot of money but face it that was $6 in addition to whatever the autograph price was and that added up for those of us who didn't already have photos of the stars with them.  

Secondly, these things weren't personalized.  If I'm going to a convention and paying 45 for a photo (plus another $6 for the photo itself), I would have liked to have gotten it personalized.  Otherwise I could have gone online at ebay and bought the thing for significantly less money.  It's a trivial thing, I realize, but I like my photos personalized. Next year I'll be wiser.  Bring my own cast photos and get them signing the group photo, which apparently raises the value of the darn thing, though I'm not sure why that is.  

I enjoyed the dealers room but was amazed at how many folks were selling autographed photos and not a whole lot more (and not cheap either).  Same with action figures.  Loved browsing (and buying some stuff) but thought for sure the 'selection' would have been more diversified.  However, the Vendors were very kind and sociable and informative and I appreciated that very much.  Whether you bought from them or not, you often got a personable vendor to chat with.  So I learned quite a bit from them.  

Another gripe...a number of times, the quest speaking was cut short and we had to stand on line for autographs while another speaker was up (meaning you missed your opportunity for photos and had to stand far by the sidelines while they spoke).  There was something so impersonal about it all.  I didn't expect the actors to run around amongst the fans the way that John Billingsley and his wife Bonnie did at Vulkon--which was just soooo wonderful by the way--but even the question and answer session was rushed and some of the actors didn't do much budging from their chairs.  

I agree, Will Wheaton belonged in the main auditorium.  I think they separated him because he mostly read from his book and blogs but he was so much more entertaining and funny than I ever dreamed he would be.  I'm glad I went.  He's very talented.  

More lines and more lines and still more lines.  I was either sitting for long periods of time or standing on lines, not just for the event but also for the restaurants.  Places like Quarks Bar closed down early 2 nights for special events meaning those of us not signed up for them had to take ourselves elsewhere for food, and that meant more lines elsewhere.  

KUDOS to the fans who attended.  Didn't meet an ornery person there.  The crowd was more sociable than most cons I've been to in the past.  Met a whole bunch of folks who were willing to talk to you like you were old pals and for me, traveling alone because my husband couldn't make it, this was a blessing.  I just wish it was easier to meet up with participants.  No one could say this crowd of people was filled with nasty fans.  Each and every person I spoke to was nice and willing to chat back.  

The one event I did pay for was the breakfast on Sunday.  $70 a ticket (lost $70 because my husband couldn't make it as I said).  They got all the stars up there for photos together; HOWEVER, they gave us about 60 seconds to do this and since I was at the side, by the time I could move more to the middle they were cutting it off.  The actors did indeed mingle.  Spent about 5 minutes at each table.  I have to say this was one of the best parts of the whole convention as far as the stars were concerned.  Nicole swore up and down that she knew me (but she didn't, I'm sure) but that was fun to be mistaken for someone she knew.  And Armin sat down with us to discuss a purchase by a fan at that table who got something of his from DS9.  And best of all I had Anthony Montgomery sit right down next to me and we discussed some stuff for about 2 minutes, one on one.

I'm glad I didn't buy some of the tickets for the events at Quark's Bar.  I saw fans lined up clear down the hall.  They waited so long for food, I'm told that many fans didn't get much time to do "The Experience".  Everything was so rushed, the few people I spoke to said that they didn't enjoy it nearly as much as they could have given a bit more time.  

So all in all, I had some tremendously mixed feelings about being at this convention for the first time. And I'll be a bit better prepared for next time.  Will I get the Gold Tickets next year?  Not sure yet, not sure it's worth it.


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Thanks for your posts.  I hope that Creation does read these because the fans should have some input about ways to make things better.  I think a lot of the problems came from poor planning or time management.  For instance, waiting for Dominic to sign was absolutely crazy not to mention that Captain's chair ticket holders had a dinner engagement to attend.  Many of us feel that they should have put him earlier in the day to sign so we wouldn't all be out.


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That was such a wonderfully detailed post, I couldn't have put it better myself!  If I go again, I will be getting only the Captain's Chair and I will be skipping all the autographs.  The photo ops went really fast and were easy to do, I might consider them in the future.  I went to both dinner parties and I enjoyed the one on Friday much more.  That was because after the disaster on Thursday night my friend (SpaceGirl76) and I made a plan of action and we got a good table and then we got to see the entertainment.  As an added surprise Garret Wang came to the event unannounced and we got to go on the Borg Invasion Ride with him :)

The DS9 Luncheon was great and we got to spend some personal time with Rene and Nana.  The food was a Mexican buffet served at Benihana's which is a little weird but the food was still good.  

The schedule was very busy and everything was behind schedule so that when the actors finally got on stage they didn't have as much time.  Also very annoying was that the SAME people kept getting in line to ask the actors questions.  Why not let somebody new ask a question, that seems fair to me.  When the same people keep getting in line it prevents others that have not had a chance to ask a question from EVER getting the chance to  ask a question!  Let's be fair.  

For the most part people were nice, not as social as I thought they would have been.  And boy, there were some weirdos...if I had to rate my experience it would be a 7 out of 10.  If I had spent less money and no time waiting for autographs I'm sure it would have made a big difference.  

The nicest person that I got an autograph from was Andrew Robinson (of course  :kiss: ), Armin Shimerman, Terry Farrell, Susie Plakson (she even complemented a necklace I was wearing).  The worst person I got an autograph from was Dominic Keating and that was such a bummer he was so charming on sage.  He actually got a phone call and was talking on his cell phone while he signed my autograph and a bunch of others all the while complaining about how many autographs he had to do!  The other worst was Scarlett Pomers, she was eating fruit and grabbing pictures with her fingers covered in fruit juice.  She seemed annoyed at having to sign autographs.  

Anyways, my summary in a nutshell...


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Well I can answer the one about Dominic...he was  DRUNK... :)

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