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'Enterprise' era SIMming


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It takes a large amount of confidence (and perhaps a bit of brashness) to believe - "The best way to predict the future is to invent it," but humanity does not lack any of those qualities, and therefore it is fitting the NX-04 Challenger adopt Alan Kay¿s words as their own creed.

Challenger is a PBEM SIMulation in the 'Starfleet: The First Era' group and we are looking for an Engineer and a Doctor to join our crew, under the command of Corad Cole.

Our website is at

Romulans... and the war which changed Starfleet forever - Challenger will play a part in this, something which has NEVER been roleplayed in it's entirity before.

Join us and let's make roleplaying history!

Drop me a line if you need any more information;

Commodore Duncan Stirling
Fleet Operations Commander
Starfleet: The First Era

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