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Hey Graff


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Report this Jul. 16 2007, 8:11 pm

Next time you want to try singling me out, try to get it right before you act like an ###.

You called my husband me a few minutes ago on and then proceeded to say how much of a troll I am.

You know what? If you have to go through my husband to pick on me you are a coward. Attacking someone's husband because you don't like me is on boderline psycho.

If you have something against me, then PM it to me or as a matter of fact, give me your phone number and we'll have a nice conversation about manners and etiquette over the telephone. Hell, Ill even flip the bill


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Graff's initial point still stands.  Mountain tried to join in the discussion, but instantly shot down with a "OMG! Your from STOnet, your all ex KGB" which is a typical spam comment.

Originally posted by Enigma
your the admin of star

####, I heard a TON of horror stories coming from your website. I think you know what they are. Nice to see an infamous character creeping into to plaster his dastardly deed amongst the shadows of evil.

Don't have a ban stick here so I'm safe (havent been banned at but, at the same time, I dont ever go there. Too many people getting banned for having an opposing view point from the admin and mods over there).

There is a reason why is the laughing stock of gaming communities.

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