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Wing Commander: Against All Odds recruiting


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Report this Jun. 21 2007, 5:19 pm

Are you interested in commanding a fleet of warships in a variety of offensive and defensive missions?  In working with other task force commanders to accomplish common goals?  Then Wing Commander: Against All Odds may be for you.

Wing Commander: Against All Odds (WCAAO) takes place in the Wing Commander universe during the kilrathi war.  Players are given command of a task force of confederation ships and assigned missions to carry out against the kilrathi (GM) foe.  Other players take the role of high command, sector commanders, and other task force commanders.  GMs then play the role of the kilrathi forces and post opposite the players describing what they encounter and the kilrathi actions.  Rules regarding combat govern weapon strength and damage and make sure things are fair.  

If interested, check us out at:  Wing Commander: Against All Odds

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