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Enterprise: Temporal Cold War


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Star Trek: Enterprise - Temporal Cold War
24th April, 2153

A day that become indelible in humanity's history.

The day when the first Xindi probe reached Earth...

...and launched a devastating beam of energy, killing seven million people.

When humanity learned that its own existence is at stake... it becomes clear that the Xindi probe was just a prototype, and the construction of a more powerful weapon is underway...

...and that the goal of the Xindi's is not determent...

...but the destruction of the whole human race...

...and Earth.

The Enterprise NX-01, the flagship of the fledgling Starfleet, the first long-range exploration vessel of humanity, is called back to Earth only to leave it once again for her most dangerous mission so far...
Based on a highly unreliable source of information, she has to enter the Delphic Expanse, a dangerous and uncharted area of space, and has to find the perpetrators of the sudden attack...
But besides the Xindi and various anomalys throughout this extremely dangerous area, the hardened crew of Earth's first Warp-5 capable space vessel has to face with an even more dangerous threat...

...temporal agents...

...trying to sabotage Captain Archer's mission.


"Star Trek: Enterprise - Temporal Cold War" (or E:TCW for short) is based, as its namesake implies, on the latest installment of the Star Trek saga, "Enterprise", and is a total conversion (or so-called "modification") for the award-winning computer game, Half-Life 2. This means that the software is not a standalone game, but a product which changes the entire content of the original game (in this case, Half-Life 2) to make it completely new, but at the same time, it runs on the same game engine that ran the original product.

As you can see, the modification's story is set between the second and third season of the series, after the Xindi probe launched a surprise attack against Earth, killing seven million people.

The demo that is being planned now is set in the refit dock before Enterprise leaves to enter the Delphic Expanse, while the main mod is set 6 weeks after the Enterprise entered the Expanse.

At the moment, the single-player part of the mod is under development, but a multi-player co-op style game-play mode is also planned.

Fans of Star Trek probably (and rightfully) ask the question: what species will be featured in the mod? Well, as the game is set in a period that had not appeared in the series, it was decided to add a couple of species that no one has seen before (and are therefore designed by the team itself), but the mod's players will also encounter with already existing Trek species, including Andorians and Klingons.

As you could already guess by the subtitle, the "Temporal Cold War" plays an important part in the mod's story, and "temporal agents" will be an important (and hopefully interesting) addition to the gameplay. The agents will show up to try and effect the time-line when it is the least expected or wanted. Sometimes their goal is to sabotage the ship, sometimes to support Enterprise in her quest. Whether these temporal agents will appear as "map-bosses", or as normal First-Person-Shooter enemies is yet undecided.

The events in the mod will effect the whole timeline of the series, or will be woven into it, so the events that took place in the mod will not disturb the Enterprise series storyline in any way.

As the mod is set in an unknown 6-week-period, we will introduce some of the other temporal factions not seen in the series to spice up the game-play.

The usable weapons will also remain faithful to the series. It will consist of the standard Starfleet issue weaponry, (including a stun baton, stun grenades, phase pistols and the MACO phase rifle) and also several alien weapons, including the Klingon disruptor.
The player will also be able to use the communicator, and the tricorder in various missions, just like the objects that can be found on the levels of the game, as it can be done in Half-Life 2.

The Enterprise herself will be completely built for total exploration. In between major missions of the mod, you will be given the opportunity to roam around the ship and even be able to store items that you have collected during the previous mission in your own quarters.

The mod will be released in an episodic format, as it suits the series perfectly. Whether the next episode will be released or not will depend on the response from the modding public and Star Trek fans. But, after the major release, the entire map set will be released with a bonus pack that will allow anyone who wants to mod E:TCW to produce their own maps and missions.

The 13th Media Update of the mod was just released, containing various images and a teaser video. Here is a brief excerpt of the newly released material:

The video's link (note that DivX6 video codec or better is required to play the teaser):

Or, alternatively, you can also watch the video on YouTube:

The rest of the pictures can be found:

1. In the relevant section of the Mod's forum:

2. At the mod's Media Gallery (

3. And on ModDB (,

As it was stated earlier, E:TCW is made by a group of talented developers for free in their spare time. The main rule of modification development is that one can never have enough people working on a project like that. :-)
The same applies to this mod as well. So, if you have found the mod interesting, and would like to contribute in its making, and are experienced in Programming, Animating or Texturing, please contact us on our forum in the "Recruitment" section (!

Thank you for your attention, if you are interested in the mod, please visit the forum at:
and vote for "Star Trek: Enterprise - Temporal Cold War" at ModDB by clicking on this link:

Thank you for your attention!

Live long and prosper! :-)


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any word on system requirements???


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It should be the same as Half-Life 2's:

Minimum requirements:
1.2 GHz Processor
DirectX 7 capable graphics card
Windows 2000/XP/ME/98
Internet Connection

Recommended requirements:
2.4 GHz Processor
DirectX 9 capable graphics card 256mb
Windows 2000/XP/ME/98
Internet Connection


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can't wait for it.


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Chief Engineer's Log
10. May, 2153

The Engineering Team is working at full speed to get Enterprise combat-ready. Although we work quite fast, we are still not as fast as I would like. So I have requested some additional workforce from Jupiter Station... They should be here soon, along with the Captain's promised military detachment and the new crewmen who are going to replace those who resigned from their post and won't go to the Expanse with the NX-01. I've heard that Starfleet Command managed to fill all posts with these new people, which would become otherwise unoccupied. The newest list includes two engineers, one navigator, a programmer to calibrate the newly installed consoles, and a new member for the security team. I guess Malcolm will be happy about this one...

I just took a short trip around the dry dock with an inspection pod not so long ago. The ship looks alright, although Travis found a leak on the outer hull of the Enterprise as soon as we left her. That guy has an astounding eye... Here are the photoshoots I have made during the trip:

Chief Engineer's Log, Supplemental
10. May, 2153

We have just completed a test flight with the Enterprise. The new injectors work perfectly. Now we are able to maintain a stable speed of Warp 4.95...

Although (according to Malcolm) the armament and the hull plating is fully operational, the Captain did not want to take the slightest risk of encountering with that Klingon again... So we were escorted by the Intrepid and the Sydney. I have included the photoshoots which were made by them:

Time to get back to work... I just noticed that whenever I'm at the Warp Core, I stop thinking about Elizabeth...

And about my revenge.

You can find the rest of the pictures at:


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Star Trek Enterprise: Temporal Cold War
Media Update 15

The end of the month is closing by, so it is timely to give an accurate report about our current status. There was a great progress in the development of the Teaser Demo maps this month. Right now, the layout and design of the HUD is finalized to be able to start its coding as soon as possible. Weapon animation is also underway, and our talented voice actors have just started to record the first voice samples.
We are perfectly aware that we cannot get rid of the hot weather - still, consider this Media Release as a sort of refreshment, as some of the pictures were made in the darkness (and coldness) of space... ;)

To begin with, let us show you our J-Type freighter, the Horizon:

Since asteroids (besides spaceships) are also rather frequent in space, it is timely to present our asteroids in a Media Release for the first time:

We have had a great progress with the Launchbay this month too. You can see the results below:

And last but not least, let us show you two vessels as a conclusion of this Media Release: Our final version of the shuttlepods, and the Sh'Ran class Vulcan cruiser:

Well, so much for this month. Any suggestion/remark/critique is welcome as usual.

Thank you for your attention!
Live Long And Prosper! ;)


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Star Trek Enterprise: Temporal Cold War
Media Release 16

Quartermaster's Personal Log
12. May, 2153.

The embarkation is going on slowly but steadily. Cargo freighters are running between dry dock and Earth as if there would be a sort of push-and-pull service to finish the refit of the NX-01 as soon as possible. To hasten things, the Earth Cargo Service has also recalled all their nearby ships to lend a helping hand to Starfleet in logistics.

There is a saying that we do not understand the ways of Fate.

It's true.

Millions of people mourn their late relatives down there. The blow what we suffered is horrible. Yet, it is the Attack what made it possible to meet my brother again after such a long time. Jared's ship, the ECS Corinthia (picture below) was docked in New Budapest Spaceport when they learned about the sudden strike. I just received his text message today (as the video protocolls are still off-line) in which he told me that the supplies, that had been ordered by Captain Archer and Lieutenant Reed, will be transferred by their ship. I hope that both of us will have one minute or two to converse a little...

Quartermaster's Personal Log, Supplemental
12. May, 2153.

The Corinthia has arrived, and already docked to the dry dock. Half of the supplies are already aboard Enterprise, but there are still pretty much to be carried over here. As Mr. Reed had a fair share in compiling the list of the required supplies, I was by no means surprised that the vessel was packed with weapons. What was surprising was their amount and their type. Reed ordered lots of spatial torpedoes besides the newer photonic ones, and I haven't written anything about the small arms yet. Besides the new phase pistols, I have seen plenty of EM-33s and Class III Pulse Rifles. As far as I know, although they are not kinetic, they represent a rather outdated technology...

Anyway, besides weapons, the Corinthia also brought some newer PADDs, food, and tons of spare parts for the guys at Engineering.

Oh yeah, I have seen something really interesting when Reed tested one of these PADDs. To see whether wireless connection works, he uploaded a picture about an alien vessel - a vessel, that I hadn't ever seen before. It is really interesting, the picture is on the right below.

Time to get back to work. The next freighter arrives within half an hour, and I am needed in guiding further embarkation.

Quartermaster's Personal Log, Supplemental
12. May, 2153

I have just received an urgent message from Engineering. Cmdr. Tucker needs further workforce from Jupiter Station. The list includes:

- one character animator
- one character texture artist
- one/two female voice actors

I just hope that I can get them ASAP...


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Report this Sep. 30 2007, 8:10 am



The time to give you an update about our current progress has come again!

We continue to work on the mod slowly, but steadily. Since the previous media update concentrated solely on our newly-made renders, we would like to showcase some "in-game" media this time, focusing on the mapping work of one of our talented mappers, HerbieZ.

To begin with, let us show you the Weapons Locker of Deck-E. If you are ever in need of some firepower, be sure to stock up here! :D

We have also improved HDR-lighting in all of our maps. Just take a look at the pictures below. The first one was taken in the Atmospheric Control Room of Deck-E, the second one in Launchbay.

And finally, let us show you the newest version of the Decon Chamber:

Thank you for your attention!

Live Long And Prosper!


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Report this Dec. 03 2007, 5:44 pm

Star Trek Enterprise: Temporal Cold War
Media Release 18

It has been a long time since we gave you a report about the status of the mod - the last media update was released two months ago. We do not want to bore you with its reasons, let's just state that real-life interferences delayed our progress to a degree which made the release of our 18th Media Update impossible so far.

But finally, it arrived. :D

In this recent Media Release, we firstly would like to feature some of the mod's main characters in their current (still Work-In-Progress) state. But enough of words, let the pictures talk:

We would also like to show you the latest version of our NX-01 model with a "bit different" texture, along with the latest concept art of our very talented Flanker: the Guardsman-class heavy destroyer. The ship herself has been developed after the Xindi-conflict, and is in service at the human law enforcement agencies in most colonies of the Solar System. The strong hull-plating, agility and weaponry makes the Guardsman one of the best military vessels of the 2150s - and a perfect sidekick for the Enterprise.

And finally, here is a new video, made by CaptainSource. This features the current state of our drydock-map along with the Main Menu Theme, composed by Basstronix. A new DivX codec is highly recommended to download before watching the video. ;)

This concludes the 18th Media Update. Thank you for your attention and please, support us by voting for the mod at the ModDB Mod Of The Year Award - this can be easily done by visiting our ModDB Profile, and clicking on the VOTE button. ;)

Live Long and Prosper! ;)


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Report this Dec. 09 2007, 8:27 am

The Enterprise: Temporal Cold War team has organized a giveaway in cooperation with Hailing Frequency (the largest podcast dedicated to Star Trek Gaming). During the event, three Half-Life 2: Episode One computer games will be drawn among the applicants. For more information, check out the contest topic ;):


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Report this Jan. 26 2008, 2:00 pm

Star Trek Enterprise: Temporal Cold War
Media Release 19

The time to present the first Media Update of 2008 has finally arrived!
But before we would show off the work we have done since the last update, let us give you a little status report...

We are really happy to announce that the first internal test version (entitled "Beta 1") has been released for our betatesters. As such, the first phase of betatesting has been started, during which we will polish general gameplay, implement those feature requests (given by our testers) which we find reasonable and necessary, and will constantly add new content (levels, weapons, models) through patches. Currently, our plan is to develop this beta further into the upcoming single player teaser demo.

We would also like to thank all our supporters the votes they gave us during the voting phases of the Mod of The Year contest, not to mention the many kind words and constructive criticism we have received both at ModDB and at the forums/websites where we post the media releases.

Thanks again, and don't forget: we make this mod for YOU, so we count on your continuing support!

The main website also got updated to give it a more clearly arranged look - we hope that you will like the new design.

OK, enough of the chit-chat, let the pictures talk!

This month, we would like to present both some models (render and also in-game) and a couple of in-game map screenshots. Let's begin with the models!

On the left, you can see the elements of a complete EVA suit kit, the space suit used by Starfleet personnel in the 2150s. If you have any repairs to be made on the ship's hull, or you just want to take a walk outside space, then be sure to change clothes and put on Starfleet's absolutely uncomfortable EVA suit! ;)

On the right, you can see some Vulcan equipment: a pair of environment scanners and the standard-issue sidearm of the officers serving in the Vulcan Fleet.

And now, some screenshots from Beta 1, featuring some key areas of the Launchbay map:

The Launchbay Control Center

Airlock #2 and the Turbolift Corridor (under maintenance)

Well, this concludes the 19th Media Release of the mod. Thank you for your attention,

Live Long And Prosper!


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Report this Feb. 07 2008, 2:13 pm

My god, this is awesome. Trek gaming owes a lot to modding teams such as yours, for keeping the dream alive. :)

Do you have already assigned beta testers, or do you have open beta?

Also, what would be a rough release date for the finished product?


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Report this Feb. 27 2008, 8:12 pm

Quote (PXIceman @ Feb. 07 2008, 2:13 pm)
My god, this is awesome. Trek gaming owes a lot to modding teams such as yours, for keeping the dream alive. :)

Do you have already assigned beta testers, or do you have open beta?

Also, what would be a rough release date for the finished product?

We do not have an open beta yet, but the first internal test version has already been released. :-)

As for the release date... Unfortunately I am unable to provide even a rough estimate at the moment - but hopefully, we'll be able to release our single-player teaser demo this year. ;-)


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Report this Mar. 26 2008, 6:42 pm

Almost two months have passed since the release of the previous Media Update - two months, full of work and challenges in the development. We haven't rested on our laurels, and to prove this, we have decided to bring you probably the largest media update ever released for the mod. Without further ado, let us show you what we have progressed in the last two months.

Updated forum:

Our forum has undergone a major revamp. The engine has been updated by CaptainSource, so now we are using PhPBB 3.0 instead of 2.0. We hope that you will like the new (still work-in-progress) design and the extra functions that come with this version.

Weapon models:

We have a couple of weapons to showcase this month. On the left you can see the standard-issue Andorian Pistol, the regular sidearm used by the units of the Andorian Imperial Guard. On the right, you can see a pair of Klingon Disruptors, and a couple of D¿K Tahgs, the most widespread melee weapon among Klingon soldiers in the 2150s.

The weapons were modelled by our talented TripTucker, and textured by the versatile CaptainSource.

Character models:

Progress has been slow but steady on the character models. We have decided to showcase two of the Enterprise's senior officers. You can see Captain Archer on the left, and Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker on the right. They were created by Gregory O'Connor and CaptainSource.

Ship models:

Two new ships have reached an almost final build in the devteam's shipyards. :lol:

The first of them is the UES Intrepid, the first ship of the Intrepid-class. Some of our members probably recognize her, as she has already made her first appearance in our most recent newsletter. This small but rather agile starship is primarily used for defensive purposes, since her relatively elementary warp drive makes her unfit for longer deep-space travels.
As such, they are primarily deployed in the vicinity of Human colonies, and carry out patrolling missions.

The class is armed with particle beam weapons and has two spatial torpedo launchers. Because of her agility and moderate weaponry, several vessels are in service also in the United Earth Stellar Navy besides Starfleet.

The vessel was modelled by Flanker and TripTucker, and was textured by CaptainSource.

The second vessel is the ECS Kobayashi Maru, a Class III neutronic fuel carrier. During the Earth-Romulan Wars, vessels like the Kobayashi Maru were a frequent constituent of human freighter convoys, as the transport of deuterium to the front lines for UES and UESN forces became the primary assigment of the Earth Cargo Service.

The homeport of the vessel is Amber, Tau Ceti IV, and is captained by Kojiro Vance.

Although the ship's name is part of the Star Trek universe, her design is not. The ship was worked out by our talented Flanker, and was realized by TripTucker and CaptainSource.

Map Screenshots:

Our talented mappers (HerbieZ and LordHorusNL) have continued working on our current playable map, Launchbay. Several bugs and glitches have been fixed, and many new areas have been added to the current version. You can see some montages below.

The Drydock-map was also tweaked a bit. The results can be seen on the montage below:


It's been a long time since we released a video, so we decided to make up one to show you the current state of our character animations and rigging:

A better version can be downloaded here:


As you can see, we have done a lot of work since January. We intend to keep up this level of activity, but without additional help it's gonna be hard. Real Life is making the development increasingly harder, as work, school or other errands take our free time away from the mod.

Therefore, the following posts are now open, and await fulfilment:

a.) Mapper: We are looking for experienced mappers, who know how to make a single-player level vivid and really atmospheric. Knowledge of Star Trek: Enterprise is a plus, but not required. ;)

b.) Animator: We have a vacant position for character/creature animators. The reason for this is that all of the character models used in the mod are completely custom-built, and as such, there are several changes that are needed to be made to some of the stock animations of HL2, with new ones created. These include (among others) the NPCs' weapon handling, the movement of the alien characters, equipment usage and character mannerisms.

c.) Character Animator Assistant: We are looking for developers who are either experienced in using Face Poser, or are very willing to learn quickly how to use it on an advanced level.

d.) Coder: We are looking for a coder who is confident in single-player level scripting.

For application, just start a new topic in our recruitment section, and post a portfolio! We hope to see you there.


Thank you for your attention, and as usual, we are counting on your feedback! ;)

Live Long And Prosper!

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