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Why Play in the ashes?


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Report this May. 21 2007, 7:51 pm

Nightfall Fleet

It's a fleet with the player in mind.  

Are you tired of the politics in RPG gaming?

Are you tired of joining fleets comprised of anyone who can get a connection together on the net?

Are you tired of players lying and scheming to get a rank?

Do you crave good gaming with a great community atmosphere?  A place where you can actually ENJOY playing?

Have you ever wondered if there's a fleet out there that will listen to your ideas and implement them?

Nightfall Fleet is the group you've been looking for.  We're here for you - and there's no harrassment - no power plays... just great gaming.

We've got plenty of positions on PLENTY of ships.  And our leadership doesn't simply look for promotions - they look for satisfied players and great new ideas.

Some command positions open include:

An XO aboard the USS Phoenix-A

A Task Force CO

A CO on the USS Acanthus

And a whole lot more.  There's a place for you - and you'll get the full support of a team that's been simming for many, many years.  

There's no end to the adventure - no chance of getting bored with the same old storylines.... just great RPGing... the way it was meant to be.

You'll find all the Star Trek RPGing you've ever wanted or needed at

Or, you can email the Fleet XO - Admiral D'Angelo at  

We're the fastest growing fleet on the net for a reason: we listen... we care... we work to see that you have fun and are heard.... that's what we're about - making you happy.

Check us out - you'll be glad you did.


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Report this May. 22 2007, 5:56 pm

i am also within the Command Structure of Nightfall Fleet, i belive the basis of an important fleet is one that supports its members.   When one member leaves our fleet for any reason, its a big deal.   We care about our members, and we want to create a friendly atmosphere where simmers alike can come together into a family of friends on their ships/simmms.   We in Nightfall Fleet try to bring the meaning to StarTrek that we feel has been lost over the years, no more inter-fleet drama, no more useless politics.   Just a place to embrass our talents in the StarTrek world as creative writters.

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