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"Star Force One" in Los Angeles, CA


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Report this Apr. 24 2007, 5:02 pm

Do you live in Los Angeles or plan to visit in the next 16 weeks? Then you have GOT to see "Star Force One" at ACME Comedy Theatre!

This is a comedy improv show at one of the top improv and sketch comedy theaters in L.A. You know, the place where Wil Wheaton regularly performs in the sketch comedy side! Maybe you even saw ACME's sketch comedy specials on HBO.

"Star Force One" is the most elaborate and expensive production ever staged at ACME, boasting special effects, both visual and audial. The theater recently pumped more than $150,000 into high-end broadcast equipment, including cameras, sound systems, and computerized lights, effectively turning ACME into a sound stage so they can start broadcasting their shows live to the Internet.

One of the neatest parts of the show is the ability to film sequences live backstage in front of a "blue screen", so that the audience can see strange new worlds on any of the nine plasma monitors mounted in various parts of the theater. "On-screen!" has never been cooler!

Check it out at:

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