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"Cowboy Diplomacy"


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Two of the newest editions to the United Federation of Planets have begun to air their dirty laundry in public in a trade dispute. The USS Sarek has been assigned to defuse the situation before it becomes more volatile.

Greetings to you all. I am Captain Taurik. Starfleet has bestowed upon me the command of the USS Sarek so named in honor of Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan. Logically therefore I am in need of a crew. It would be agreable if you could visit the web address stated after this message and perhaps enrol.

Live Long and Prosper

Captain Taurik
Commanding Officer
NCC-28480 USS Sarek


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The link, she does not work. Mon dieu.


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Salutations. I am Captain Taurik of the Federation Starship Satow, an Ambassador Class Starship (NCC-28480). My Executive Officer and I want to offer everyone the opportunity to join us as part of the crew of the Satow.

The USS Satow has many Starfleet Officer Positions in many areas. Experience is not necessary as we are more than happy to help you along in the fun.

The Satow is soon to begin her first mission, the first exciting chapter in its five year mission. With our combined imaginations and writing skills we can pack this adventure with mystery and excitement.

Don't miss out - join today and become part of the crew.

Visit the main site today ¿


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