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What Startrek book are you reading right now?


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Quote (Vulcan3324 @ April 27 2007, 8:44 pm)
Switching between Glass Empires and My Enemy, My Ally.

God, you have to love Diane Duane.

I enjoyed Dark Mirror, but can't say I've had the get-up-and-go to read the Rihannsu series.


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They're worth it. If you have any interest in the Romulans, and you can set aside Nemesis (which I routinely do -- it's an abomination unto the Rihannsu), they're by and far worth it. They also have the beautiful anthology which was fairly recently released, and The Empty Chair stands alone.


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Just finished reading the first 6 shatnerverse novels (for the 5th time) and i'm now onto reading the first 3 in the Titan series (cant wait for the new one). Oh and i also purchased the other day the comic crossover with TOS crew and the X-Men.


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Star Trek Enterprise: Rosetta


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I'm currently on the last story in Glass Empires.  Picked up a copy at Starfest in Denver last month where I met two of the authors.


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Quote (Spock_of_Vulcan @ Mar. 17 2007, 9:56 pm)
A TOS novel called Gemini, and considering rereading Ishmael.... both have quite unique storylines. They're fun. :D

I just finished reading Ishmael, you are going to enjoy it very much.


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well since my last post in this thread, finished Glass Empires as well as Obsidian Alliances; I enjoyed all of the stories (with the exception of the TNG tale... it was just too far out, in every way).

Also finished Summon the Thunder... excellent book!  And one of the authors who replied in another thread was right, there was no need to re-read Harbinger... the 2nd book sums up parts of the 1st when needed.

And right now, in the last 20-30 pages of The Good That Men Do... it's been such a superb read so far, the authors better wrap this up nicely.............!   :grr:


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SCE Foundations, good so far!


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An old DS9 book

this one

and is quiet nice


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A Time To Die, i love this set of books!


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I'm just finishing up the last book in the Gateways series, after which I will be promptly starting the Mission: Gamma series.


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Quote (DaveMack @ Mar. 18 2007, 6:38 pm)
Quote (_Roadhog_ @ Mar. 18 2007, 2:46 am)
Harbinger (Vanguard #2) by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore.

Harbinger was Book One by yours truly; the second book in the Vanguard series is Summon the Thunder.

OMG! It's David Mack! You're one of my favorite ST authors. :cool:  One more chapter to read in Vanguard: Reap the Wind. This is an excellent book. I love this series. All of the characters in the book are great, especially T'Prynn. Are you writing the next book in the Vangaurd series?


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Quote (krad @ April 16 2007, 1:02 pm)
There is no character named Martin Madden who's ever appeared onscreen in any Star Trek TV show or movie, so I have no idea who you mean.

(Yes, I know he was in some deleted scenes from Nemesis, but they were just that: deleted.)

Another favorite ST author! :)  The I.K.S Gorkon series is fabulous. I love klingons, which is why I'm also reading the star trek klingons comic. I really enjoyed all 3 books and I hope you are writting the next book in the series, thanks for the great stories. :cool:


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I am reading Vanguard: Harbinger and like it alot. It captures the early spirit of the Original Series quite well.

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