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Who wants to be a Spartan?


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Quote (Sir_Solitaire @ Mar. 16 2007, 11:52 pm)
Quote (DTan @ Mar. 16 2007, 12:26 am)
I've only got a few things to say, it won't take long.

All of you people who keep hassling Shaun about this thread are idiots. Plain and simple. You keep going on about how this is a Startrek board and yadda yadda yadda, if it bothers you so much do what I do when somethign bothers me, ignore it. Also, I know this has been mentioned, but the Who Wants to be a Jedi thread is just as off topic as this, but no one sees fit to interrupt their little game. I'm not criticizing, I'm only looking for a little consistency.

Second, those of you who continue to try and correct his facts and tell him what he's done wrong are also wrong. Dirge posted this tripe: "Fan Fic implies respect for the franchise.

all YOU are doing is p!ssing all over it.

Oh yeah, and the Spartan IIs only got Energy shields before reach. Before that they had simple Power Armour."

Dude, it's called non-canon. No one takes offense when it's done with Trek, so why get your panties in bunch about this?

Shaun, I can give you two very good reasons to make a separate board for this: First, it's a very interesting idea, and it deserves its own board. Second, with your own board it would be a lot more organized and much more expansive. Third, and probably the best reason, you wouldn't have to put up with all this selective "Oh, it's off topic!" bull$h!t. You could simply play the game in peace, maybe even get more then two on-topic posts.

Ayway, these are my thoughts. I would join, but with all the b!tching people are doing it would be impossible to get anything accomplished.

People have complained about the thread too.

You have 170 post's, im pretty sure no one cares what you have to say.

That's pretty rude. I care what he has to say. Maybe you are just mad because he struck a nerve and you know he is 100% right.

He has a point. People who post in the Jedi thread are whining and #####ing about this one, but continue to play in their little SW fantasy world. People say "This is a Star Trek board... ect." What about the Jedi thread? I'm fine with this thread here. But I would be happier if it moved to it's own board.


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Agreed, the Jedi threads should be closed too.


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You have 170 post's, im pretty sure no one cares what you have to say.

Hmmmm. I don't understand this? Since when does one's post count have any impact on the validity of what they say? I have a low post count because I don't post in every single thread on the board. Most of the time when I see a thread like this one, that has degenerated into an argument, I ignore it, even if I have an opinion. Most of those 170 posts are from recruitment ads. You know, what this board is here for. You say no one cares what I have to say, my post was more on topic and to the point then yours that I quoted Drige. All you said was that his facts were wrong, which is completely not what is being argued, hence, your post was completely irrelevant to the argument.

Now, I'm going to state this very clearly: I agree with everyone who says that this should be on another board. Let me say that again, I agree with everyone who says that this should be on another board. However, I do not agree with everyone who is flaming this topic to do something about it because, as I said before, none of you has tried to do anything about the SW topic. If you had, I would have ignore this like every other argument. While I'm on the subject let me ask: Why does this bother you and the SW topic does not? This is a serious quesiton and I would like a serious reply. Why have you decided to flame Shaun's topic and not the SW topic, which is just as off-topic.

And by the way, thank you Starfleet, it's nice to see that some people are still able to be civil.


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here's where the Post-count matters. It's a measure of how long you've been here for most people. Therefore, you would know that people stopped trying to get rid of the Jedi thread along time ago because people kept recreating it.

Understand now?


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To end this little flame war, I took the liberty of creating a board. Starbasecommander is making one for the Jedi thread as well. Join the "Who Wants to be a Spartan" RPG here.


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Thank you... for finally ending this   :D

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