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Flt Adm Rants.


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I'm with starbasecommander.
Forgive me for being harsh before, however, the comments aimed at Captain Bridges were totally uncalled for... he was simply stating a comment on a subject which meant a lot to him...and obviously which means a lot more than to some people on this thread...
The chain of command and how RPGs are run are serious business to some people, and this is a forum where these things can be debated.
Resorting to name calling, and putting other people's RPGs down is not the answer to a debate. ¿It is low and solves nothing..
I do not remember in debate clubs where that tactic was acceptable,
nor would it be acceptable on a starship.

Therefore, I reiterate: This topic hit a nerve. Yes. Resorting to finger pointing and name-calling, not the answer.
Healthy debating fine... understanding the thread-creator very fine... and playing fair on the board as well as in RPG..
the point. :logical:


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