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Birth of the Federation


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Report this Jan. 23 2007, 5:39 am

Birth of the Federation & Armada 1 are my FAVOURITE star trek games of ALL TIME.

BOTF was just simply pulled me back for hours and hours and hours..and I don't regret one single moment of it. Yeah it was very limited and they should have developed a number 2, but perhaps it just wasn't popular enough?

I wish they did bring out a number 2. That would've been awesome. I loved the strategy involved.


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Commander Strong, I'm very happy to tell you that dear old BotF is alive and well and actually has had a number of major mods made for it!

How about new ships (Connie, Excelsior, Akira, Intrepid) with stats this time much closer to Trek canon, new buildings, new minor races and Dominion or the Borg instead of the (ever annoying) Ferengi?

I think that you are going to get pleasantly surprised if you visit these boards, specially the downloads section:

Try installing the Ultimate Dominion Mod 2 (or UDM2 for short) to see what's been going on in the BotF community during these last few years... and I wish all of you people a lot of happy Trek gaming!


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Report this Mar. 04 2008, 9:11 pm

I still play Birth of the Federation off and on, unfortunately it is hit or miss on getting it to work on XP. I have two hard drives, both with XP, and on one it works and on the other it does not.


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What is birth of the Federation?

Is it a first person RPG where you explore worlds like Andoria and Teller? If so, I would love something like that to play.


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Birth of the Federation was a 4X strategy game.  You picked one of the major races and were out to establish your empire as a galactic power against the others.  I'd love to see something like this revived.  To get your fix, look for a game called Space Empires 4 and then snag the Star Trek mod.  It's a great game and the mod throws a lot of trek content into it.  Their game engine used warp points instead of free motion so it's not a perfect Trek analogy, but it's pretty good.  I'm waiting for someone to make a mod for Space Empires 5.  That one added 3d models and real-time ship combat as well as planet-side fighting.  So far no one' taken up the torch, but if anyone ever does, the'd have my encyclopedic knowledge of treknology at their disposal.


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Report this Mar. 12 2008, 6:45 pm

Yes I still play. Birth of the Federation is the best Star Trek game of all time. Last time I played I tried the Borg invasion mod. It was fun, & different. Sol was assimilated by the Borg. I have never had to face so many Cubes in a game before. I had to come up with an entirely new way to fight the Borg.


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I want to play this game.


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Birth of the Federaration is a turned-based strategy game that has roots in the Master of Orion series games (Both by the legendary Microprose).It is one of the best,among few,Star Trek games i have played.I've spent hundrends hours with each race and i was never bored.For begginers,the Federation is best suited.If you want a challenge take the Cardassians,i believe they have the better in-game interface from all races and i like very much their ships.Anyone who wants tips about the game,please tell me so.I really can play this game with closed eyes.It's magnificent....


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nice, I'd never heard of this game before reading this thread... now I'm going to look for a copy, looks interesting:
Birth of the Federation

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