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Star Trek: Encounters is great!!


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Quote (DATA2OO7 @ Jan. 28 2007, 4:06 pm)
with the kim mission i just went in guns shooting evrywere :D

Just before the Kim mission, when you have to (as Dessler) lead her to the safe room, it's fun to have Michelle beat the snot out of Kim...

As for the Kim mission, once I stun the required 5 guys (for a good score) I switch to one of the machine guns and kill everyone (accuracy doesn't count on that mission).


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i prefer the handguns


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Yes, you can run in and shoot everyone... but that's not the point, is it? :laugh:

The funniest "Death of Kim Bauer: The Neverending Saga of Pain" moment I had was during Escape from Madsen's Base just after breaking out into the large courtyard area. I had a sniper rifle and cleared out all the enemies, then turned the rifle on Kim and asked her to come over (the 'follow me' command). She was halfway there and I blasted her right boob. She went down like a sack of spuds. It was like, "Oh, Dad! Thanks for savi... GURHG!" Death.

Not that I spend all my time shooting annoying teenagers, just most of it. :laugh: :whatthe: :laugh:

She can be such a dumbass on the game, though. Once I told her quietly to stay low, and Jack whispered to her. We were in the middle of a room filled with bad guys, who I was trying to get past using stealth. So I whisper and she promptly shoots the God-damned floor with her unsilenced handgun, alerting all the enemies. B*tch.

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