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Boring Users alert?

You mean fanboys?


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we are deborging into the future see you then...


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Quote (Shuttle @ Jan. 06 2007, 9:30 pm)
Quote (Commodore_Jeremy_Sparrow @ Jan. 03 2007, 10:00 pm)
Quote (Shuttle @ Jan. 04 2007, 10:53 am)
Quote (Commodore_Jeremy_Sparrow @ Jan. 02 2007, 7:16 pm)
Guess what Borg petaQ. I have just the solution for idiots like you. :USS Arizona slew presenting starboard broadside and launches 40 nanite/thalaron transphasic torpedos:

:Borg instantly die and their ships are ripped apart by Nanites:

Federation would never use Thalaron

And therein lies the stupidity of fanboys - if it makes your daft ship appear bigger and better than anything else, use it, even at the risk of making "your" starfleet become somthing that it NEVER was on the show

guess what. for taking care of idiots like the Borg over there...i use whatever the hell i want.

Well, "whatever the hell you want" is, frankly, an insult to Trek

I mean, Romulans, and the Borg - OLD - very, very old

And please, explain to me how, in your little world of uberships and a Starfleet that threw morals and ethics out of the airlock, why the Romulan's suddenly became so stupid?? We have seen throughout almost every incarnation of Trek that the Romulan's have almost always been one-step AHEAD of the Federation. They have never been shown to be idiots, and the last we saw of them, they were becoming almost "friendly" toward the Federation (due to the cooperation during the Dominion war and the events chronicled in "Nemesis". But of course, that wouldn't suit a fanboy uber-sim where the flying weapons platform just shoots at anything it see's - established Trek history is just an inconvenience to you.

Ok shuttle im gonna make this real simple so you can understand it.

Ok the Pearl Harbor and the Arizona are secret to anyone outside Starfleet Command and Battle Fleet. Therefore the Romulans wouldnt know about them. Usually the most capable warships are not used for patrol work. Which is what the ships being used by the Romulans in suppressing piracy in the PZ would most likely be. It isnt standard procedure for Starfleet to send ultra modern ships into the PZ either. However to test its combat abilities against something better than rocks :coughPatricecough: they were sent. Seeing as the Romulans would have no idea they were there then the vessels would most likely be somewhere around five or so years old because at that point they would have become a well stabilized class and those are the most common used in piracy suppression.

They wouldnt expect something like a two ship force which could quite possible defeat a force much larger than 8 ships. especially when the Romulans start having torpedos shooting at them and there is no ship there. And a light cruiser gets into energy range and starts hammering at them with energy weapons which would ordinarily be as powerful as the ones on a battlecruiser. And then there is the Arizona which is the most modern of the large cruisers (heavy, battle, war, attack, and assault).

I mean everyone has seen in naval history times when a small ultramodern fleet kicked the crap out of a larger one for years before they could be countered. Such as World War II with Germany's fleet. like 6 ships mauled the Royal Navy for months. The Japanese Navy before World War I ripped the Russian Navy to pieces even though their numbers were far smaller than the Russian number.

It is possible. And these aren't uberships. its just they are new and different. They are like the Sovereign class in their own way. Superior to any known ship (other than something like a Dominion Battleship, but thats another story) at its introduction. Given a decade or so someone else would figure out the secret of the Pearl Harbor's combat abilities and copy it. Putting them on a more equal basis.

Thats the way naval tech has always been. Prior to the introduction of the more modernly known CSS Merrimac the American Navy had kicked the crap out of the Confederate Navy. Then when the Merrimac was introduced that all changed. For quite a while the Merrimac wreaked havoc on the Union blockade ships. Their cannon shot bounced harmlessly off the iron armor. But then the Union figured it out. And the built the USS Monitor. For hours the two ships circled and blasted away at each other but neither could do anything since they didnt have explosive shells.

The Pearl Harbor and Arizona are just like the Merrimac. They are something new that all the other navies will eventually learn to counter. And then everyone will be on the level for a while.

And im sorry if you don't like it Shuttle. But guess what? You aren't going to change a damned thing by sitting here and #####ing about this. You arent involved with the ship. So just ignore it. You will never change anything in fact im considering just posting the Totentanz's specs just to give you a heart attack. (Its basically combining ST weapons with BSG ship size)

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