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Starfleet Command III


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Report this Dec. 11 2006, 7:18 am

I never said I downloaded it. I was just trying to be helpful...


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Report this Dec. 11 2006, 3:20 pm

I never said I downloaded it. I was just trying to be helpful...

But there are torrents for any PC game within a few weeks of release.


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Report this Dec. 23 2006, 4:13 pm

I'm interested in SP SFC3... any good mods you guys reccomend?


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Report this Jan. 05 2007, 4:28 am

Well, I've downloaded and installed first the Dominion Wars and now Generations at War mod - I'm interested solely in single player gameplay, mind you - and I can say that I've found the love of my life in GaW!

The new ships included are chosen much more smartly, the new sp missions are done better then in the DW mod, some are quite enjoyable... but the best thing here is that the weapon arcs, shield strength and weapon damage are all done superbly, better then in both vanilla SFC3 and DW mod!

I do miss the multi race campaign map found in the DW mod!  :(

I'm really enjoying myself playing conquest as a member of every major race, doing a few missions as a Fed, then a Kling, a  Romie and a Card...

Just last night I had a random mission playing the Fed conquest, in command of an Akira (which feels just right, the strength of the shields, the weapons and their arcs) in which you, together with a Nebula and a Connie refit (!;) gotta stop a Klingon raiding party consisting of a late TMP period battlecruiser D7 variant and two versions of K'vort - one older, late TMP period, the other modern (better armed then in vanilla SFC3 and with much more logical firing arcs).

Another, playing the Klingon conquest and piloting a Fek'lhr in which a Borg cube has entered Klingon territory and you got to stop it, together with a ragtag team of klingon ships - there was a C9 battleship (more of a dreadnaught-sized heavy cruiser because of the outdated disruptors in TNG times), a K'tinga, and 3 or 4 K'vort variants and we managed to take the Cube down... eventually.

These last few days I've mostly been terrorizing the Cardassians in my (TNG period) Ambassador Refit, leading a Constellation and a Miranda into mostly three ship engagements on hard mode.

All I can say is - great stuff!


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Report this Jan. 08 2007, 9:46 pm

My absolute favorite other then the Ambassador (Dom Wars) Refit among the many new ships that came with the mod is the D-32 "Stronger Bird" (from FASA's old ST board game).

It was launched in late TMP period and it definitely has that familiar intimidating K'vort hull It's a heavy cruiser (the most heavily armed K'vort sub-variant in the game), has strong shields and is armed with stunning 8 disruptors 2's and 4 advanced photons (most Fed ships have 8 to 10 Phasors)... and all of this firepower, each of the 8 disruptors is facing strictly forward, in true Klingon style!

I LoL-ed when I realized this... lovable old crazy Klingons! The cowardly Feds would probably make 2 disruptors and 2 torps cover the backside of the ship - no such thing on a IKVl! This baby is obviously designed for one thing and one thing only - to make ruin, woe and destruction befall the enemies of the Empire!  

Just yesterday I've set up a mission in which my squad of 3 such K'vort variants were attacking a (alone and very afraid) Galaxy and an Ambassador ...

That particular scenario sounds familiar, donnit somehow?

The Galaxy proved to be a nuisance (trying real hard to make history never forget it's name) but eventually we chewed them both up, with a lot of effective firing passes followed by a stylish turning flyby while the ship re-cloaked with that terrific humming sound made by the Klingon cloaking device doing it's thing.

And after this particular mission...

... well, I'm not afraid to say it on this board 'cause i know a lot of you guys share my opinion and will completely understand:

I love the K'vort and I wanna marry one!   :)


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And have many little B'rels!   :)


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Here are some of the ships from Generations at War:
Fek'lhr - very cool and charismatic heavily armed heavy cruiser
C-9 TMP Klingon dreadnaught
B-11 TMP Klingon battleship
J'Liss TMP period Warbird
Melak Warbird - older class of Warbird, the ships that destroyed the Eneterprise-C at the Narendra III battle (TNG:"Yesterday's Enterprise")
Shrike - TNG Romulan light cruiser
Hawk - TNG Romulan heavy cruiser
Raptor - TNG Romulan battlecruiser
Challenger - TNG Fed destroyer
Cheyenne - TNG Fed light cruiser - part of the Wolf 359 graveyard scene in TNG: "Best of Both Worlds"


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Report this Jan. 09 2007, 4:21 pm

SFIII is a P.O.S..  I did not enjoy playing it much at all.

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