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Will lightspeed be possible?


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That would be awesome if we had light speed, would make travelling to star systems and planets a whole lot easier


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The problem with the theory of light speed is that in order to attain it an ifinate ammount of force is required to over come the infinate ammount of resistance, this is in an atmosphere however. In space light speed should be (theoreticaly) possible. However another problem comes in is that once light speed is approached space and time distort, causing many instabilities. That is why the warp theory works, as a sub space bubble is created stopping these distortions and instabilities. But then again its just another theory, but like people said flight was impossible if we pursue it long enough a method will be found.


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brian45,,here,,well they did say we,d never travel faster than the speed of sound didnt they?just look at your f11 jet fighters.its all got to do with air you see with know air to hold you back and the right power and propulsion at your rear i think it could and is possible ,,ok now now in our lifetime but ,,yes it will happen.:bored:


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Phluxy, NASA compares STAR TREK to what research tells us is possible at this URL:


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yes, definately

i like to open my mind to the possibility

you cannot speak for technology in the future and what it might hold

100 years ago people thought it wouldnt be possible to communicate with others from around the world at the comfort of their own bed, but this is now proven wrong! ditto to the idea of carrying 1000 CDs with you while youre walking (ipod).

anything is possible. never say never, tbqfh.


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first correction to No_One at ftl you would go faster than light. also a warp core creats a stable bubble of space time arround the ship and an expanding area of space time behind it and a collapsing regon in front of it. there by moveing the ship faster than light.


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light speed,according to whoms speed is my question,the eye is not always although brilliant be able to see things at the speed and of certain lights(insects)normally,we know so very little about speed,time may only apply to us or an area,it may not outside certain realms and distances,the question for me is,'how can we judge the light speed of a distance from a star we see illuminating,if it has always been so before our existence,how can it be measured,I ask this to all, but the concept can't be grasped,so the question for me still remains,if anyone has any similar ideas,question it,is the human race to be all and know all of everything with all the problems in the world they can't face,solve or comprehend?it's not like turning on an Everready you know


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If it can be imagined, it can be invented..! that has been the case through out human history, and I have no doubt that will continue to be the case...
"There are always posibilities"


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I really don't think in our lifetime. :cry:


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Quote (LtEkstrand @ Jan. 18 2007, 3:14 pm)
they said on "how william shatner changed the world" that it would take the power of 70 billion suns to travel at light speed. so i would say possible, but likely no. :)

mabey We will find a new powersource... :idea:


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For hundreds of years, people thought Aristotle had all the answers.  Today, we consider many of his theories silly.  Aristotle was largely a Philosopher.  200 years from now, we may feel the same about Einstein, despite the fact that Einstein was a mathematician.

I think FTL travel will be *possible*.  The question is whether humanity will ever evolve to a point that it can allocate resources to achieve it.  I personally am skeptical that will ever happen.

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