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Will lightspeed be possible?


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And if it will be. Will it get us anywhere? will transporters ever be possible?


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transporters-i don't think so
light speed yes-yes


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how far will we be able to get?

I think we could make phasers with just really strong laser pointers to be honest :p


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Anything is possible, and although I'm not standing on any scientific ground, I would think the human race has a much higher probability of going extinct before we have such practical capability.


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NASA once pointed out about this lightspeed business that it's a matter of physics to address before you can contemplate the relevant technology.
Until now, it remains in the realm of Sci-fi


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It all depends on what you mean by 'Lightspeed' though.

If you mean travelling faster than the speed of light while remaining in our universe, then maybe but unless we can find a working theory probably not.

Alternatively if you mean travelling from one star system to another, and achieving that in a time span which, relatively, would mean youd gone faster than light then i think yes, probably not in my lifetime though.


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As far as I know lightspeed is impossible because to reach the speed oflight you would actually need to be light. But you can probably get really close with the right power source, warp core etc...

Transporting on the other hand is impossible. You would basically kill the first person and make a "clone".


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As Lancer mentioned in an older thread, faster than light travel (FTL from now on) may indeed be possible with the aid of cosmic strings, however, it should be noted that any form of FTL travel also introduces the possibility of time travel, specifically time traveling into the past, and possibily introducing intriguing and disturbing paradoxes. As for transporters become a reality, it ain't gonna happen. I personally don't like the idea of having my atoms ripped apart and being completely destroyed when converted into energy, only to have the process reversed with a clone taking my place. Doesn't sound very appealing does it? I think some sort of space warp or hyperspace makes the ideal teleportation device because you'd be traveling fully intact and without the need to blow yourself up with a nuclear warhead! Therefore, it makes much more sense than the transporter. ;)


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Also lets face it folks we dont know anything about the fundemental construction of the universe and how to 'exploit' it.

200 Years from now, people will probably say 'You know in the late 20th century they actually thought FTL travel was impossible, and that youd actually go back in time!'


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If you're refering to true ftl speeds it's not possible for any object to travel faster than the speed of light. If you're refering to warp speeds it's possible but not in the near future


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yes and yes


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Even at light speed, it would take 4 years to get to the nearest star system Alpha Cent.


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lightspeed-waay far away.


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Might be possible with the aid of black holes then again maybe not.


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I belive light speed is possable however it is less probable then using wormholes or quantum slip stream tech to travel to other star systems sence it would take 16 min to get from Earth to the Sun and back.

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