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Havent posted here for awhile


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Hey all.  It's been like what...a year since I've posted here.  I see Cedric is still around :)  What's new?  I'm glad to see PE is still updating their Dev Logs on occasion, but from what I can gather, STO is still in Preproduction.  Also It appears that there's been anothere year full of What ship do you want? What race do you wanna be? threads.  My guess is we'll be playing STO around mid 2009 or so.  

I've been keeping busy with some other games in the mean time.  Company of Heroes and Battlefield 2142 are my latest purchaces and I'm eagerly awaiting Mythic's Warhammer Online.

Anyways, I'd like to hear from some of the old timers that have been posting here awhile.  What games and clans are you playing right now?  Anyone currently involved with a gaming community right now that plans on playing STO one year?  I'm still looking for that really good online fix addictive type game.  The last one for me was Dark Age of Camelot, but after 4 years playing that, I just got tired of it.  Take Care!


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ive got star trek: legacy on order to keep me satisfied for now.  Until either Stargate Worlds or Star Trek Online comes out.

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