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XO is needed!


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Report this Nov. 20 2006, 3:06 pm

The USS Valorous NEEDS YOU!

Many positions are open on this ship. On the last mission the ?ship was nearly assimilated by teh Borg. But sadly may of the crew memebers were assimilated including the XO and CT/SO, leaving a big gap in the crew roster.

Meaning? We need you to get the new mission underway!

the roster stands currently as:

  • Captain: Captain Hishom Gellora (Andorian male, 33)

  • First Officer: AVAILABLE

  • Cheif Engineering Officer: Major(Commander) Iandugan Crais (Bajoran, male - 40)

  • Deputy Chief Engineer: Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Landstradd (Human, male - 29)

  • Chief Operations Officer: Ensign Steve Oxlade (Human, male - 34)

  • Chief Tactical/Security: Lt. Commander Sular
    (Vulcan, male - 37)

  • Chief Medical Officer: Lt. Cmdr Yoshiya Xavier (Betazoid/Magnian, male - 28)

  • Chief Counsellor: AVAILABLE

  • Cheif Science Officer: AVAILABLE

  • Chief Helmsman: AVAILABLE

We are willing to add positions that are not listed here as long as they are part of established ST canon.

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